Monday, January 17, 2022

TWTW - the mid January celebration one

Friday I made a big ass pot of chili in the afternoon and knocked off work around 4 to drive to the south end of the island and walk down to the point. Wind was whipping but by the time I got down there I walked off the week and my mind was blank aside from what was before me. The moonrise was exceptional and I was just like how is this my life. A weird combination of things happened in this world for me to be at the shore on a Friday in January and while most of them sucked, I cannot hate this outcome. MFD arrived and we ate chili and cornbread piled with butter and relaxed. I painted my nails and read until about midnight.

Saturday I was on the road back to Philly by 8:15 and got two loads of laundry done before my brother picked me up. We headed to the city to celebrate Aubrey's birthday with her crew. I miss bumming around the city and seeing my favorites - art, murals, floors of Philly, City Hall at night. It was a bitterly cold, city wind tunnel in full effect fun day and I'm happy Philly restaurants & bars are requiring vaccine cards so I was more comfortable going. I had fun and drinks but not too many, and my Dad picked me up and drove me home because safety first. I ordered pizza and hit the hay early.
Sunday I was up, showered, and back to the shore by 10:30. MFD picked up lunch from Hooked on Breakfast, I started a new book, and we watched the entire first season and the two episodes of the second of The Righteous Gemstones. Talk about a dark riot this show is amazing. Leftovers for dinner, and I read until about 11 then lights out. It was a gray and wet day so a good day for a new show and a new book and new Barkbox toys. 

And again, I need more than two weekend days. No MLK day off (IG caption with thoughts here) and never have in my professional career. 

It looks like a gray-ish week ahead. Not into it. Since I was out this weekend I am staying home for five days just in case especially since I have something next weekend as well. That's what feels right to me right now, and it's doable with my schedule and ability to work from home. 

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