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3 reasons you're scared of seeing your doctor


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When was the last time you saw your doctor? For a lot of you, it was many years ago. Some people haven’t been to the doctor since they were little and their parents forced them. Thankfully, you’ve not had any major health issues during that time. But, what if you had? What if there was something wrong with you and you just ignored it because you were afraid to see a doctor? It could be devastating for your physical and mental wellbeing, which is why you shouldn’t fear doctor’s appointments. 

Below, I’ve listed what I believe are the most common reasons you’re scared of seeing your doctor, along with some points on why you shouldn’t let them stop you.

You’re scared of certain procedures

Are you scared of needles? Maybe you’re scared of the blood pressure machine? Whatever it is, there’s a specific procedure that scares the life out of you and puts you off seeing your doctor. In reality, you may not need to undergo these procedures at all, so it’s rarely worth worrying about. Also, you will need blood tests, injections, and blood pressure readings at some point in your life. They are essential for managing your health and checking for medical problems. They also only last for a minute or so, so is it really worth being scared of them your whole life? What’s scarier, the procedure itself or the possible underlying health condition that goes untreated because you didn’t have the procedure to check for it?

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You’re scared of the possible diagnosis

Most people are worried about seeing the doctor because they are scared of being diagnosed with something serious. You’ve got a constant headache, and you’re worried about seeing the doctor because you think they might tell you that you have a brain tumor. You instantly associate your problem with the worst possible outcome, and you’re worried that this can come true. 

In most situations, your problem will never be as serious as you think it might be. But, even if it is, you shouldn’t be scared of hearing it. Surely it is good to hear and confirm that you have a serious health problem than to sit around doing nothing? It will only get worse, so the sooner you hear any bad news, the quicker you can react and treat it. 

You’re scared of being laughed at

Not literally, but you’re worried your doctor might think you’re stupid for coming to them with a particular problem. If your doctor ever does laugh at you or tell you that you’ve wasted their time with your concerns, a medical malpractice attorney might be able to help you, as it can possibly fall under the scope of avoiding a diagnosis and being negligent. Doctors take oaths and aside from that are aware of this duty to take concerns seriously, which is why this shouldn't be a worry. So, if you’re worried that your problem will be shrugged off and laughed at, you should have nothing to worry about. 

Realistically, you have no reason to fear the doctor. They are there to help, and the fear you associate with seeing them will be nowhere near as bad as what happens if you have a medical problem that goes undetected for too long. Don’t be afraid to see your doctor when you have problems, no matter how big or small they may seem. 


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