Monday, January 10, 2022

TWTW - the first one entirely in 2022

Friday I made turkey rice veggie soup during the workday and topped it off with parsley and a hint of lemon. There is nothing like soup made from homemade stock - you get an amazing depth of flavor and there is less food waste. For this I used the Thanksgiving turkey that I stored in the freezer. After dinner I baked a cake to use up pantry items and read. I fell asleep on the couch, then walked dogs at 1 am and read until 4 am. MFD fell asleep on the couch upstairs. We are exciting people. 

Saturday After a sleep in, I had coffee and lounged and read before easing into the day with a shower and hydrating mask. Mae’s eye went haywire so I took her to the emergency vet. She has a deep corneal ulcer and we are doing drops every two hours around the clock until her re-check Thursday. Keep a good thought that it goes in the right direction please! I picked up a drive up order at Target on the way home and we took the best friend dogs out for a beach walk, leaving Mae with Billy as a babysitter, and had leftovers for dinner. I read another book at night and we watched The French Dispatch. 

Sunday I slept until 9 after being up much of the night for eye drops. I painted my nails (Essie merino cool and mochachino), set aside outside decor for MFD to take home, put chicken thighs in the crock with a jar of mustard garlic aoili something or other from Trader Joe's and lemon juice, picked up a bit up in the house, took the best friend dogs on a windy walk, had a fun plate for lunch and a lie down, and vegged much of the afternoon and evening with The Great British Baking Show. MFD left around 9 to do Code Blue overnight and for some work appointments this eek so it is just me and the animals until Thursday. 

I need more than two weekend days. 

The first Show Us Your Books of 2022 is tomorrow. 

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