Friday, January 14, 2022

Friday Five - Recommendations

Happy Friday! I actually have something to do this weekend and next while the world screams and seethes around us. No talk of pandemic, late stage capitalism, ineffective government in a dying republic, why people like Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly, mean girls, possible cat UTIs, dog eyes not healing, dirty houses, the cost of everything, or anything else unpleasing today. It's Friday and I need a break from swimming in reality for a minute so I'm sharing five recent recommendations.

1. Increase veggie intake - I know, groundbreaking. But it is insane how much better it feels to live in a body that is doing this

2. Herr's Fire Roasted Sweet Corn - because we're not only here for good for you things

3. Homemade vanilla pudding - see the flecks in the recipe photo? Pudding packet schmackit, it is easy and delicious to make at home. Vanilla paste - I bought a jar of it last year and it is chefs kiss in ways I did not imagine. I also have a cake recipe that calls for vanilla paste. It is depth and deliciousness. 

4. Fleece lined leggings from Old Navy - If you spend any amount of time outside in the winter - or would like to but are always too cold - you need these. Mid-Atlantic region winter, not like Alaska winter. They are the real MVP. They are warm but not too warm to wear comfortably inside, and they don't fall down or ride up. Fabulous. 

5. These socks in style B or style A (affiliate links) - I don't know how to talk about these without sounding like I'm over the edge. My mother in law got these for everyone her last Christmas and I was like socks, cool, because I like socks. When I started wearing them I was like THESE ARE MAGIC SOCKS. They fit your foot firmly, don't slide around, are warm but not too warm, feel thick but don't inhibit foot in shoe fitting. I never asked where she got them but came across them on amazon and they are them! Recommend, highly. The ones she and I bought again are style B and I'm confident style A feel the same. Can't vouch for the rest yet. They look so low rent when they come but they are awesome. Also in this photo I am holding recommendation #5 while wearing recommendation #4. 

You only get actual recommendations here that are well used and loved. You got any recommendations for me? 

Happy weekend!

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