Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Cultivating daily happiness

Most people deserve to live a truly happy life that is filled with good times, but most of us will not because society LOL. How does one cultivate daily joy, even on the hard days? That should read Especially on the hard days, am I right? Otherwise what the hell is the point. Cultivating daily happiness can look like:

Stroll HomeGoods
I'm going tonight. It's the only chain store I missed shopping in during the height of the pandemic. HomeGoods happy is a hashtag because it IS REAL.

Take scissors to toxicity
There is simply not a consistently exciting and enjoyable life that is filled with toxic people, places, and things. Sorry to break that to folks who think that coexistence is possible. Letting go of toxicity of all kinds will lead you to a better place to examine and maintain your mental health. It doesn't have to be a big to do to let go of people, places, and things that cause you worry and stress. Just let that shit go quietly. At this point in the world, we all know toxicity is not healthy to have around you.

Use your best things
I don't save my favorite lotions and potions and outfits for special days. Every day has special potential.

Deal with pressing issues
Ignorance is bliss but ignorance doesn't make things go away. Deal with your shit so it's not taking up room that should be used for joy. Go to the doctor, find a therapist, cut the toxic people, talk to someone, quit smoking, check into a rehab center, write your bad things out on paper and set them on fire outside, whatever you need to do to move on for the long haul, do it. 

Help someone else
Huge shifts can take place in your mind and soul when you stop looking inward and do something to help someone else. 

Organize a drawer
Exerting control over small areas can spark joy

Getting off the internet
For real. 

Spending your 40 hours in the right place
We're not all looking to set the world on fire with your job, but no one wants to cry through the day or exist in a toxic environment for 40 hours a week. If where you are isn't working, look somewhere else. 

Rowing boats with the right people
You are required to attend nothing or keep up with anyone. I hope pandemic life gave everyone insight into who belongs in their boat and is worth making time for. 

How are you cultivating daily happiness? 

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