Thursday, January 13, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - I had to find the passage back to the place I was before

Curbside pickup forever, folks

Wishing my sister in law Aubrey a happy happy birthday today. Love you!

Wanting democrats elected to the senate and White House would do one goddamn fucking thing right now aside from whining about what republicans are keeping them from doing. At least the House is moving some shit along. No need to chime in, GOP friends. Your people are upholding an insurrection and you should deal with that

Whyyyy is this me

Sending peace. The world is a lot right now. Sending virtual ice cream sandwiches too because yes. We all deserve one.
Loving when my friends know me. From Beth.
And from Pam! This package was lost among the Christmas shuffle and unearthed. Thanks Pam!

Making good ol' ga-gung ga-gung chili today

Rest In Peace Ronnie Specter. I loved your voice. 

Saving my Jim Gardner sads for true retirement. I am much more apt to catch him on the 6 so I make out for the remainder of the year. I have never watched local news outside of Action News since the time I can remember news being on in any house in my family. I love Rick Williams and wish him well on the 11.

Feeling super fucking sleep deprived. Eyedrops every two hours for Mae since Saturday for her deep corneal ulcer. No sleep has been brutal. She goes back for a re-check late morning today. Fingers crossed she has progressed as they would like and maybe we can pause overnight drops or do less and sleep more. I am not a person who can wake up and go immediately back to sleep. I didn't have kids for many reasons and that is one.
Taking some arctic feeling walks. If the wind isn't acting a fool and I'm wearing the appropriate gear, I actually love walking in teens/20s weather. Fleece pants or fleece lined pants are the real MVP.
Getting those five servings of veggies in however I need to

Unsure how many people are affording food with any nutritious value right now. Or food and household items in general. And yes, inflation and all, but what is it called when a company manufactures goods, makes record profits in the last half of a year, buys back their own stock to make stakeholders richer, pays C-suite executives many many millions, raises their prices, and calls it inflation? 

Reminding us via @doseofreminders

Watching Some previous season of The Great British Bake Off

Pet pics

Reading Slow going this week, my brain has been tapped. I read the same book from Sunday to last night - one of those 550 pages James Patterson jobbys that could be 275 if they used the spacing appropriately-and since it was a physical copy it looked and felt long.

Hang in there folks. 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is of course Hotel California by The Eagles

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