Friday, January 28, 2022

Last Friday in January: things I want to remember about this week

Looks like we made it, people. Happy last Friday in January. A long, cold month for many of us. Things I want to remember about this week:

New couches that were sitting in the upright position since 7:15 am on January 2 are out and they are comfortable and amazing. If you are in the market and want some for consideration, these were ordered in late October I think and due to arrive March 18 and came January 2 so yay but with virtually no notice so you need to be able to pivot. Close up so you can see they are a light green (what they call bayou spray). Not too expensive as far as couches go, same basic style as the couches I had that lasted 10 years. I didn't clean up for the photo, I'm not that kind of person. You can find that elsewhere on the internet. The chair in the corner is being replaced, and I might paint or replace the 10 year old half moon table against the wall, otherwise this room is done for now.
Thanks to MFD and Marcus Aurelius for moving the beloved old couches down to the basement, where they live in a flop house/frat house formation for now. The blue green one will be moved to the basement office eventually as will the shelves. This is basically a holding room for furniture right now.

Since Mark was over he brought us our Christmas lasagna and Jesus it was good. I was extremely pleased to have that and also stopped at Brother's after my hair appointment at Salon Harmony Wednesday. I am firm in my unpopular Neshaminy School District stance that Penndel Pizza is the best pizza, then Trevose Pizza, then Brother's. This is Brother's thicker crust which I love.

Thanks for the streak and your good, kind energy, Jeopardy Amy. We'll miss you on Jeopardy but we'll see you on the gram.

I started using prescription Retin-A and the zits during the first week. The zits. The nearly 45 year old woman zits. My face purges when I try new products. It's lovely. LOVELY.

Stunner winter beach scenes from Monday & Tuesday of this week

This month started with 13 inches of snow followed by 4 more at the shore in the first week and we'll get dumped on again tonight into tomorrow to close out January. Possible 18 inches? I dealt with the first storm on January 3 by myself shoveling for 20482304 hours in the wind with the damn snow drifts. At least MFD is here this time. I'm making a bastardized version of Damn Delicious's cauliflower chowder for sure but will probably mostly eat brownies and dump cake. Why do snowstorms make me feel like I should ride the Sugar Dragon into the depths of hell?

Coffee and wordle to start the day and tea and a book to end it is how I've been rolling this week. I like to wordle when my brain is fresh. 

What do you want to remember from this week?

Sliding into the weekend easily. I hope. Stay safe and warm out there everyone.

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