Monday, January 3, 2022

TWTW - the one with the New Year

Friday I was wreath hunting and exchanging slippers early after painting my nails. At night I lit the bayberry candles for luck and made tater tot cups. Carol made mini crab cakes and we had delicious desserts. I finished a book literally at midnight and was asleep by 1. 

Saturday Happy New Year! The Mummers parade was postponed which doesn't happen often and feels really weird. I returned something to Marshalls and we picked up something from Sam Ash for MFD, then it was old school punch and pork and sauerkraut time. My pork was dry and I was not pleased. I always fuck up when I don't follow my nose. It smelled done 15 minutes earlier than I took it out of the oven. At night I made ziti for Sunday with help from MFD and Carol, and we nearly got divorced over couches that did not fit down the basement stairs. El Fin.
Sunday I was woken up at 7 am by someone telling me my new couches would be there within 15 minutes. Over two months earlier than they were supposed to arrive period. Okay then, screw that 8-12 window. So yes, there are four couches in the living room, a Mummers parade, and snow coming so there will be four couches in the living room for a few days. I picked up rock salt and filled my car with gas, changed sheets, and did four loads of laundry while MFD was off mumming. 
I watched the parade - loved less props this year - then I ran over to see MFD with my brother & nephew, and MFD's sister and nephew stopped in too. I said hello to a few people then took off for the shore to secure everything since snow was expected overnight, and it is delivering.  

Happy happy birthday to my BFF Laura today!

If this is the first time we're catching up this year, Happy New Year! 

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