Thursday, January 6, 2022

Thursday Thoughts - Hang the sign upon the door, say, 'Don't disturb this groove'

Sinking into that quiet first week January candles cozy don't disturb this groove hygge flow

Thinking a lot of us think endings are bad when they are a fact of life and usually good in retrospect, often necessary when we think about the situations we are no longer in or the people we are no longer required to move among. Regarding situations, sometimes we don't realize we need a change in the way we're moving about in this world until we make one, which is sometimes forced on us by an external scenario. Regarding people, sometimes we're friends because of circumstance, and circumstances change. There's no hard feelings over that even though we'd like to assign hard feelings to it when relationships or friendships die out. Social media has us thinking we should never stop interacting with people and that is simply not the case. If you need to stop with me, I wish you well. 

Reminding that January 6, 2021 was an insurrection called for by the outgoing president of the United States and should be investigated and prosecuted as such. Any support for it regardless of how you are politically affiliated is anti-American. Coups happen in banana republics and you live in one when you elect a shyster clown. Happy Treason Anniversary cult members!

Shoveling snow Monday. So much fucking snow, 13 inches of heavy ass snow. I am not into that kind of snow. I am into the day immediately after the snow though, for icicles and such.

Returning to the beach after a few weeks away 

Deciding against walking to the beach with Bruce (which he had feelings about) when it was the frozen tundra because he pulls when he is excited and I did not want to break an arm falling on ice in a dark and lonely town. Ben would love to go but would be too cold before we even got there.

Watching dogs melt into electric blankets like it is a river of syrup

Looking around for my fourth dog who is of course no longer with us

Working around deadlines 

Ignoring COVID shit that is not CDC memes because I can't right now. I really hope so many people having it right now is leading us into endemic territory instead of pandemic territory because I'm tired and the government continues to suck farts on the management and mitigation of this

Keeping a thought for the people who perished in the Fairmount fire in Philly yesterday. So awful. Thanks to PFD for their service as always. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SMOKE DETECTORS REGULARLY. If you need help doing so, please contact your local fire department and ask for resources. Here's a list collected by WHYY on how to help survivors

Taking lots of Ben photos this week. The ear photo reminds me of one of these things is not like the others

Using my lavender heated shoulder pack thingy that always feels like a hoax when I see them but is quite pleasant in execution

Watching Insecure on HBO and Abbott Elementary on I don't know. ABC?

Reading I picked a slow one to start off the year, moved on to a Netgalley that comes out 1/11. The first Show Us Your Books of 2022 is this Tuesday, January 11, which seems fast. The Favorite Reads linkup is still open until Sunday also. 

What's new with you?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is The System Don't Disturb this Groove

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