Tuesday, March 2, 2021

When to let your child pierce their ears

Written for the Life According to Steph audience by Maggie Hammond. Proud mama to two little people, and has one too many furry friends. Passionate about alternative medicine, education, the great outdoors and animal welfare.

Getting their ears pierced can be a monumental occasion for many young people, and can feel like the first step into maturity. This milestone can be scary for parents however, and thus the following is a guide on how to safely and appropriately have your child’s ears pierced.

Communicate with Your Child 

If your child has been begging for a piercing, or you are curious to know if they would like one as a gift, it is important to have a conversation first. They should understand how long it takes to heal, which ranges from individual to individual but can be estimated at four to eight weeks. They should also understand their role in cleaning it, and that it may hurt during the process. Having an honest, but not off-putting talk can inform you both about whether your child is ready to have their ears pierced. 

Pick the Right Salon 

It is crucial that you choose a location which will be sanitary and experienced in piercing your child’s ears. Check out the reviews of your local beauty salon to make sure the people they have pierced are happy with their service. A trusted location we can recommend is utopiabeautique.com, as they deliver high quality piercings with safe and professional staff. This is perfect for parents and children compared to tattoo parlours which may feel too adult to pierce a child at.

Be Familiar with the Process

For lobe piercings, either a needle or a gun are the usual tools to pierce young children’s ears – but guns should only be accepted on the lobes, as anywhere else can damage cartilage. Usually the child will be placed in a chair and the area will be sanitised. Then the piercer will mark on both lobes with a pen where the piercing will sit on the ear. Most piercers know best where the placement should be, but ultimately it is up to the customer and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. Next, with either needle or gun, the piercing will occur, and this should be a fairly quick procedure with not a lot of pain involved (although obviously this will depend on the individual). Finally, the newly pierced ears will be shown in the mirror to gain your approval, and your child will have lovely adorned ears for the first time!

Ensure it Heals Properly

In order for a piercing not to get infected, it needs to be cleaned regularly for the first few weeks with saline solution – this can be purchased at the shop or made at home using salt and boiled water. It is also recommended that you shouldn’t touch it with unwashed hands nor sleep on it until it is fully healed. As a parent, you need to inform your child of this and make sure they take responsibility for their health.

This is a comprehensive guide to the steps that need to be taken when your child is ready for an ear piercing. We hope this advice is helpful in your journey, and that both parent and child are happy with their decision!

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