Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - I am older now I have more than what I wanted

1. Does anyone want to talk about how I kept a new, unused and unboxed coffee carafe for six years, decided I was never going to need it, and gave it away in a buy nothing group only to shatter the carafe in the pot a month later? Good, me neither. 
2. My grocery store now has Jeni's! I'm so fucking excited. 

3. My grocery store also has a pretty fucking legit collection of OPI, like better than anywhere I've been in person aside my pharmacy near my office - Pickwick Pharmacy in Philly. I don't mean better as in quantity, I mean better as in colors that appeal to me. I should clarify before anyone goes off on how this is nothing.
4. We did the wearing of the green and the eating of the corned beef and cabbage yesterday. I roasted the corned beef, lopped a piece off to boil with potatoes/cabbage/carrots, then separately steamed potatoes and sautéed cabbage because as Tabitha Brown says, that's my business. 

5. My family is coming down tonight and I had to go into the upstairs bedrooms to do something other than dump shit in them to be sorted "later" for the first time since like October. Why do I do that shit? Put it away the first goddamn time. Also rediscovered the bed frame put up there still in a box thinking we'd do it over the winter and I was surprised to see it yesterday. So that's on MFD's to do list today.

6. Pier photos and best friend beach romps forever. I'm already sad that open beach season for dogs is winding down and every grumpy asshole on earth will have something to say when I take them there at the ass crack of dawn. 

7. Reminder, stolen from cousin Brenna. Call it out when you see it. Stop saying fucking chinese virus. White supremacy is again the cause and where to place the blame for the rise in anti-Asian violence. Shove the sex addict angle up your fucking ass in regards to the most recent murder. Also provide protection for sex workers. 

8. Also, are we all about very fucking done with mediocre, fragile men taking their insecurities and frustrations out on women? And very fucking done with them being arrested without a scratch on them after gunning down multiple people and portrayed as sad men who had a bad day but are no longer harmless since they took their mediocrity out by committing acts of horrible violence against others and are apparently no longer dangerous because it's out of their system now when they're white? I am. Everyone gets arrested without a scratch on them or no one does - you all pick. Jesus take the fucking wheel. I'm done with toxic masculinity and the lengths we go to to protect it in this patriarchal pyramid scheme of a society. ALSO also also notallmenmymotherfuckingassfixyourselves. 

9. Due to that and a million other reasons, reminder to you ladies: 
10. E-cards: It's true. 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Wasted on the Way by Crosby, Stills & Nash 

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