Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - Imagine all the people Sharin' all the world

1. I am super pumped about the new yellow bedroom in Philly - ceiling, walls (Sherwin Williams SW 9015 They Call it Mellow), and trim painted. MFD is replacing the ceiling fan and we got rid of the bed and dresser in that room as they were old and it was their time. My grandmom's dresser and my great grandmom's chair will go in this room along with myself probably LOL. I'm pretty sure I want to switch our bedroom from the back of the house. 
2. My parents were here at the shore until Tuesday painting my windowsill trim. It looks great! I also sat out in the sun Monday and we porched it after work. Bruce and Ben were very pleased they stayed, as was I.

3. MFD also got a new bed frame put together on the top floor of the shore, and I got rid of box springs via trash and lamps via the local Buy Nothing group (why do people say they want something then ghost you? Just say No longer interested, thanks). I got the new microwave ordered from the appliance shop in town (shop small!) and scheduled for installation the day after Easter. My exterior doors and next group of five windows should be installed in April - my doors were ordered in fucking September so this has been a long road - and I cleared out (notice I did not say cleaned, the winter funk remains) around our apartment entry as we have a contractor coming to rebuild it to address a structural issue at the beginning of next week. We have a mile long list of things to do at the shore this spring since we didn't do jack shit in the time of corona last spring, unsure if we'd have a season or not so this year we're moving and shaking and it feels good to be doing and planning things again. Weird, but good. 
4. One of those Things To Do was a simple change out of bathroom wall coverings - they were weird brown things nailed in and MFD has switched much of it over to a peel & stick, the top of the shower still needs to be done. A friend is coming in to replace the floor and toilet and now I'm like might as well paint the ceiling and replace the light fixture and Aubrey's like maybe paint the wall tiles so something simple-ish has been Stephanied. The shower/tub is staying and the sink was replaced last year so at least there's that. Once the window and floor are replaced, it'll be a lot lighter in there. 

5. I got my tickets for the Abortion Access Front Dirty Dancing Riff-a-Thon fundraiser tonight, and my swag bag too. Clever inclusions based on the movie, which is of course one of my top three favorites ever...

6. Along with The Breakfast Club and yes yesterday was Breakfast Club Day and yes of course I watched it last night, do you even know me? My dog's name is John Bender. 

7. Most of yesterday was an absolute washout, but Monday and Tuesday were good walking days. Tuesday we were out for an hour at lunch and an hour after work. 

8. I don't have it in me to verbally address mass shootings anymore. I don't know what's left to say. Everything is left to do. I don't have the energy for advocacy and activism right now and that feels like shit even though I know that activism and advocacy is a wave for most people who don't organize as a necessity or for a living. It's a privilege to be able to say I can't be on all the time, and one that I'm well aware of. 

9. Reminder via poetry this week:

10. E-cards: say what now?

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Imagine by John Lennon

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