Monday, March 8, 2021

TWTW - first in March

Friday MFD took the couch covers to the laundromat, and I changed them over and made dinner on my afternoon break. After work we ate and watched Men in Kilts and MFD watched a cult show while I barely paid attention and read instead. 

Saturday We eased into the day - I cried multiple times watching the Mister Rogers movie, and read (no crying).
We took a family walk on the beach and MFD did some investigating - they are filming some scenes for M. Night Shyamalan's Servant on Apple TV in town over the next month. We came back and ordered hoagies and onion rings from Randazzo's. 
MFD made meatloaf, mashed turnips and potatoes, and veggies for dinner and watched Murder Among the Mormons while I finished a book and got in bed early. Gus was up with stomach issues from 2 am on so it was a miserable night.
Sunday morning was misery due to being up all night. I showered, painted my toes (Zoya Madeline in honor of my Grandmom's birthday this month - they're no longer with us but they're with us), and we watched Coming 2 America. I loved it. Gus was feeling better by early afternoon so him and Mae stayed at the house while MFD threw his line in for a minute and I went on a walk with the best friend dogs. It was gorgeous and also fucking freezing.
When we got back I packed up my car and made a throw together dinner: spaghetti squash, spinach, mushrooms, onions, crushed tomatoes, ground pork. Hit it with some garlic powder and truffle salt and it was good. I got over halfway through The Midnight Library and then headed home. I was locked out for 20 minutes before MFD arrived. Good times. 

Happy birthday to my Mom Mom. It was no coincidence that they chose International Women's Day to land on her birthday. She forged her own path and did not give a fuck what people thought of it. She's been gone since I was 18 but is never truly far away from me. I'm glad I grew up at her knee

Show Us Your Books is tomorrow!

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