Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Things I feel like doing

Some I’ll do soon, some later, some never, some only sound good in theory. 

Going to a party - like show up whenever, eat, make the rounds, eat, make the rounds - a normal fucking backyard party where no one tells me how much sanitizing they’ve done. One where I fear a line for the bathroom because I have stopped to talk to too many people on the way there.

Throwing a party, making a bunch of food I won't eat because I made it, and only inviting people who know to help themselves to everything and do whatever because those are the only people I still have around in this life that Id invite to a party anyway

Winning the lottery

Laying down at 3 every day

Going swimming in the ocean

Boarding a plane

Planning a trip

Talking to Stevie Nicks on the phone

Visiting people

Never having to donate to another Go Fund Me for someone's medical care or to ensure they have housing or food because I live in a country that will not let anyone die, live in the streets, or starve over lack of money

Sitting in a circle on the beach with framily

Having a month where there’s not a new natural disaster or humanitarian catastrophe and actually addressing some of the persistent human crises we’ve let go too too far for too long in this country 

Painting all of my rooms except someone else cleans up after my messy painting

Eating at a restaurant once a day every day for a month and doing no dishes

Buying a lot of Boy Smells candles

Feeling the warmth of the sun on my bare arms because it’s pleasant enough to sit on the porch in a t-shirt

Getting rid of all the shit I don’t use

Returning to my former mental me instead of the unpredictable coronaland headspace. Also truly being totally fine not pandemic fine. I don’t want a return to a lot of things but I want a return to those. 

Reading the afternoons away

Nuking the Senate filibuster myself  

Never thinking about what to make for dinner again

Burning all of my masks except the few I'm keeping when this is over for any future illness needs


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