Wednesday, March 31, 2021

How Weather Affects Insect Problems

If you’re observant, you will most probably have noticed that insects are affected by the weather. Or they perform better in some weather better than others. Just like humans, the activities of insects also change with the weather. The activities of insects—including their growth, development, reproduction, distribution, and population—are faster in hotter conditions. This is because they are cold-blooded creatures. 

In non-favorable or freezing conditions, like winter, most insects will hibernate or burrow into the ground until the conditions are right for them to re-emerge. Other times, they will migrate or spend the winter periods hiding in your home—a warm and cozier environment. Nevertheless, the last thing you want is to allow insects to make your home their home. This can be prevented easily by contacting your local pest control company or by reading this article further.

In this article, you’ll learn how different weather conditions, mostly temperature, and moisture, affect insect issues in your home. 

Rainy Weather

Water is an essential commodity for insects to survive. It is also a great catalyst for pests to reproduce very quickly. Therefore, during spring (March–May) and summer (June – August) where we have more rain, you need to watch out for insects. More rains mean you’ll likely see or have more insects around. Having more pests around also means they’ll likely need to find more food. Which might lead to more pests trying to invade your home and privacy. You should nevertheless be cautious and ready to deal with an influx of pests in this weather.

Dry weather

As earlier mentioned, water is necessary for the survival of insects. So, a long duration of dry weather can also mean more ants entering your home because they need water. As much as insects need water to survive, they also need food. However, the impacts of dry weather tend to affect their food supply. Therefore, as they are searching for water, they are also searching for food. And the best place to get this essential commodity is inside your home. Although you might not see insects around during dry weather unlike wet weather, you might find them coming into your home in search of food. When they find easy access to the food supply, they might build nests closer to your home. You may click here if you also want to get rid of them fast.

What you should do to prevent them 

You should make sure your home is kept clean always. Keep your food in airtight containers and make sure your home is free of crumbs. You should also make sure your drainages are in good condition, with no water leakage, or standing water especially during winter (or dry weather).

Never take your chances with those creeping insects. Irrespective of the climatic changes or weather conditions, they will effectively treat your basements, garages, crawl spaces, and trash areas to discourage insect breeding and eliminate possible infestations. They will also spray your doors, windows, and inspect your house exterior for bees, termites, spiders, wasp nets, etc. to mention but a few.

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