Friday, March 26, 2021

I'm over it

The five day work week

Wearing any sort of jacket, sock, or boot

Waiting on doors to be installed

Vaccine deferment virtue signaling - we know, we are operating in a system that is not working for everyone. In the meantime, when you are eligible, get the vaccine. Don't worry about anyone else or how or when they got it or if you in your non-expert wisdom think they deserved to. Do you know how ableist it is to think you only know about someone's health issue if you can see it? Aside from the fact that what might qualify people as higher risk, whether you agree with it or not, was figured out by people who know more than you about this. Other people's health particulars are not your business - they are not required to tell you why they qualify for the shot and you are absolutely not entitled to ask, especially publicly on social media. Have people lost their damn minds? Doing your part to maintain public health *is* your business. We are in a race against variants. Let's go. Related to this...

Vaccine passers - I, too, believe in vitamins, avoid antibiotics when possible, don't trust the government 100%, and love crystals. None of those things are keeping me from getting a case of Covid that would hospitalize or kill me and none of them are protecting the people around me from the same. A vaccine will. Black people come from a place of medical experimentation - Henrietta Lacks and Tuskegee and so much more - which is why groups like The Black Doctors Covid-19 Consortium is working hard in their community to get people the vaccine who have a real reason to distrust. White people, just stop. If Covid manifested to impact our physical appearance like smallpox, there would not be one peep about getting it or knowing better than science how to get on top of a public health issue and worldwide pandemic. Stop. Especially those of you with the smallpox scar on your arms. You know why we don't have to worry about smallpox anymore? There was no internet where people could share insane conspiracy theories and act like they were wellness gurus who knew more than scientists and people care more about appearance than health. 

Women's clothes without pockets

Thoughts and prayers for victims of gun violence instead of action and true systems breaking change

Getting zits. I'm 44. Leave me alone. 

Choosing what's for dinner

Asian hate

People who agree to take things in internet Buy Nothing groups not showing up and actually taking them once they've been put out for pickup

Republican state legislators voting to suppress voting rights of others

Getting less flexible every year

Books where the author starts throwing the kitchen sink in about 3/4 of the way through

Days with the pandemic sweater on my shoulders

People acting like discussing or pointing out racism is the problem instead of actual systemic and personal racism

The watery mustard that comes out first if you forget to shake enough

The Instagram reel shit where people stand still or dance around silently and point at words that pop up to make their point. So fucking annoying

Email inboxes that never empty

Getting the impetus to write something or the perfect line/turn of phrase to work from while I'm driving or showering then never remembering it

Violence against women and calls for us to never go anywhere alone instead of calling for the eradication of the misogynistic, patriarchal bullshit that allows toxic masculinity to perpetuate

Happy Friday! What are you over? 

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