Wednesday, March 17, 2021

TWTW - birthday weekend #1

Friday Up, showered, working, and doing laundry by 8, Target order delivered by 9, car loaded to go back to the shore by 11, meeting, and I expected to be on the road after a noon meeting but alas I got backed up and didn't leave until 7 which is fine, less time alone for the old dogs as MFD was out working. I took B and B with me, arrived a little after 8:30, unpacked everything, and fell into bed where I was up until close to 2 reading. 

Saturday Since I was up late, I slept in until close to 10. Pre-pandemic, I would have set an alarm and forced myself up but I'm not about that life anymore and guess what? I still showered, dropped library books off, dropped recycling off, and picked up my deviled egg bagel order from Deadend Bakehouse before 11. The dogs were co-pilots on errands, and we also picked up CBD for Gus and took a long walk on Dog Beach. Back at home we cleaned up a bit in the house, put new cushions out which I will surely soon regret as they have white in them, sat on the porch for a spell so Bruce could Gladys Kravitz the neighbors, and I painted my nails (OPI sweater weather is the dark green, OPI Pre-Pair for Summer the light). 
MFD and the old dogs arrived around 4 and we went OUT to dinner. INSIDE at one of our favorite restaurants here that has just reopened for the season. Our first time eating inside since we left Aunt Carrie & Uncle Jim's on 3/16/2020. I know people have been doing it, and that it's been safe and restaurants have done a great job ensuring that it is, we just haven't. Most of that was a mental thing for me and I'm glad we went. It did feel like we were doing something wrong, and I also felt panicky when it was time to leave, but everything was amazing as it always is at Luigi's and it felt good to see them in person. They were safe and sanitized and obviously masked up, and we masked up when they approached the table. After we went up to the boards for our first Kohr Bros of the season and ran into Lauren on her way out which was nice. It was fucking cold so we wolfed down our Kohr Bros (obvi moved away from people and removed masks to eat), we beat it home to lounge and watch I Care A Lot on Netflix. It was good. 

Sunday we eased into the day, reading and lounging. Otherwise we had Yianni's for dinner and pie for Pi Day. 
Our big Sunday outing was to the South End where we once again attempted to walk all the way around to Corson's and once again were thwarted by westerly winds. We brought the wagon specifically for Gus to ride in and he did, for about 10 minutes out of over an hour. It did come in handy for the little dogs so they could hide from the gale force winds blowing the sand on the way back. Lord. They're so low to the ground it's hard for them when it's blowing like mad. I did take my socks and boots off and walk back in bare feet, my first time grounding myself into the earth since November. It always feels so freaking good to do that after a while of not.

Monday I slept in until 9:30 due to Gus being up. MFD picked up breakfast from Hooked on Breakfast, which we meant to try all last year as it opened during pandemic season but we never got there. I never get pancakes but I had to try the cannoli pancakes and they did not disappoint. Then I did what middle aged women like me who are not away on vacation do on their birthdays: dropped packages off at the post office (which I did in sneakers I bought last year and never wore and my RBG mask for a big ups to my 3/15 birthday twin who is no longer with us), exchanged a non-functioning lamp at Target, read, and wanted to eat dinner senior citizen early but refrained. MFD picked up from The Crab Trap and it was delicious. We hit the beach for a family walk after, and that's about that. I typically have reflections on the night of my birthday, and I've been posting them on Instagram it seems the past few years. 

Yes, it says Birthday Weekend #1 because I will be celebrating again next weekend, which is almost here by now since I'm posting last weekend's shit on Wednesday, and again Easter weekend. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'll be making a corned beef, I'm not sure how I'm doing it yet. Probably roasted as I prefer it that way - like this. I've got no Guinness though, so I'll probably use coke. Happy birthday to my Grandmom, who made the best corned beef, boiled version. Here's the last lesson she taught me

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