Monday, March 22, 2021

TWTW - birthday weekend #2

Friday The last day of winter! Byeee. My brother, Aubrey, and the kids arrived Thursday night. I had worked late, the house was in disarray as my shit was all over the main floor/MFD had put together a new bed frame on the top floor/old box spring moved to second floor/bathroom wall covering project happening, but it was reasonably contained by Friday morning. I worked, hit the beach at lunch with the best friend dogs, painted my nails (OPI Cozu-Melted in the sun is the light, OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry the dark). My Dad and Carol arrived at some point, and MFD headed back to Philly to work at some point. Aubrey made excellent stuffed chicken for dinner, my niece walked Gus all by herself while I wrangled the other three, we did some Jeni's ice cream tasting, and watched March Madness. 
Saturday The kids play with all the dogs, even the old ones. My brother got donuts and we had coffee and were off for a family beach walk.
They went to the playground, and we sat around for a bit eating junk food after the kids helped Cici make an ice cream cake.. Then Carol, Aubrey, my niece and I went strolling and shopping on Asbury. As we were making our way back MFD returned from Philly/working. We were hangry upon our return and devoured the entire veggie pizza. Dinner was scalloped potatoes and Aubrey's crab cakes and both were delicious. We were in a food coma after. My brother and MFD went out for a bit. We had a comedic moment when three adults, two kids, and four dogs were on one couch and Aubrey was left blissfully alone for five minutes. 

Sunday After a packed Saturday, Sunday was a slow moving morning. We painted some shells in the driveway before doing another family beach trip (kids and Bruce not pictured). We strolled the boards, I beat Carol and Dad at arcade basketball but not Stephen and Aubrey, and we got ice cream and enjoyed the warm sun. 
We continued that at home on the porch before ordering Randazzo's for dinner and seeing Stephen, Aubrey, and the kids off. We watched Beach Front Bargain Hunt and heckled buyers and realtors then MFD headed back to Philly with the old dogs. My dad is not a dog person but my dogs love my dad LOL. We try to keep them away but it doesn't always work. They love Carol too, also not a huge dog person. 

Another great family weekend with the original quarantine crew. We feel the promise of a good summer ahead and hope you do too. 

Birthday weekend #3 coming with family over Easter! We'll take a break next weekend to do some shore chores. 

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