Thursday, March 4, 2021

Thursday Thoughts - and when you're looking for your freedom, nobody seems to care

1.  I was out here killing it on Monday - I felt like a magical unicorn, accomplishing things personally and punching out the workday. Naturally Tuesday I got stuck in a creative quagmire where I worked on the same shit for hours because I couldn't get the graphics exactly right. All the eyerolls. Wednesday was more Monday-ish work-wise. Hoping for another Monday-level brain today and tomorrow to close the week strong.

2. People, we are 11 days until my birthday and 16 days until spring. I am jubilant over both. 

3. Yesterday was 50 and it never felt so fucking good except for the very moderate feeling 38 it was this morning. Wednesday we were at Dog Beach for the first time in a long time and we were out again after work. Honestly though, being back on the beach to end the day felt great in the cold on Monday and Tuesday too after being in Philly last week. Except I do hope that Tuesday night was the last time my face will be frozen this season. I'm also quite done with my large Randy from A Christmas Story coat. 

4. We're basically chasing the sun around all day and putting ourselves in its pockets. 
5. 4. My days have been rather later-rinse-repeat this week, even for Corona Land. I did make the switch to showering at night though, and I like it. Mostly because I've done it before I've gotten to the too tired/fuck it stage. I get up, walk the dogs, get dressed, do the vitamins, work, make the eggs at 10 am, walk at lunch, eat and read, work, walk after work, eat and read, shower, read. Eight hours of sleep every night and that's been grand. Ben likes the parts where I sit and read the best. 
6. Have we talked about cauliflower gnocchi in the air fryer? It is amazing. Stinky, but amazing. It also requires one of my favorite tricks, which is to freeze what I'm not using sauce-wise in the ol' ice cube trays. That and another super quick dinner have rounded out my week thus far: Trader Joe's chicken piccata (strongly do not recommend), steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and some rice I had already made & frozen. I'm doing a bit of freezer clean out, and the rest of this week's meals revolve around that plus ordering out one night. I am sick to death of thinking of dinners. 

7. I'm happy vaccine production will be ramping up and I'm looking forward to getting mine. Largely unhappy with a lot of other Biden administration moves (or non-moves as it were) and not afraid to say it just because he's a democrat. We need FDR New Deal magnitude, moves, and energy in this country right now and yes, right out of the fucking gates one month and two months in.  Also no, I'm not sorry I voted for him over the shitweasel grifter who just left the office. I will criticize Bide. as I see fit as I did with the person who recently squatted in the White House for four years. I mean I guess least he's not Greg Abbott, who has to be the biggest fucking asshole around right now, lifting a mask mandate when we are so close to being in a better place than we've been in a year. Was that to, like, take the heat off of him for his shiteous response to the storms in TX and the entire power grid debacle? Or did he just get up and say let's put more people at risk today? Also STFU about Potato Head. Truly. Do something valuable in regards to gender issues like reading this article: the real threat to women's sports isn't trans athletes. It's sexually predatory coaches

8. Show Us Your Books is Tuesday! The God of Library Holds delivered for me this week. 

9. Reminder

10. E-cards: 

What appears beyond the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts titles is what I'm listening to when I'm starting this - this week is Take it to the Limit by The Eagles

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