Monday, March 1, 2021

TWTW - the last one in February

Friday I did a trip to Trader Joe's in the afternoon, which did you even go to Trader Joe's if you didn't get the flowers on the cheap, and worked late while MFD made dinner. I don't get to TJ more than a few times a year - I really like some things but otherwise am not a super fan which I think is verboten on the internet - but I always leave with flowers because they're beautiful and not that expensive. Our nephews were with us overnight while their mom was working so that was nice to spend time together. I also painted my nails (OPI Puerto Vallarta Violeta with two OPI Outback Aphrodisiac accent nails). Excitement abounds. 
Saturday I got an in person visit from Beth! And awesome birthday earrings! I also left the house for the second day in a row! I dropped an Amazon return off. It ended up being quite nice by afternoon for a late winter Saturday. I also did a picky cheese lunch, listed stuff to sell on Poshmark, put laundry away, did some cleaning, made dinner (Trader Joe's spatchcock chicken and broccoli and cauliflower saute), finished a book, and we watched Judy.
Dogs want in on this.

Sunday I got up early to let the dogs out and feed them, then went back to sleep. I purged some jewelry, shoes, makeup, furniture, and moved a bench from a spare room into our room. We’re making some changes to the upstairs so lots of work to do. I threw a load of towels in, then made the drive back to the shore with B&B in absolutely miserable weather. Whenever I get in my car my maps want me to go home to the shore. LOL

I unpacked, read a prose book, made cilantro lime chicken in the air fryer and had it over chopped salad with some tomatoes and tortilla chips, and started a new book. 

Birthday month in the house! Holllleeeerrrrr.

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