Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Five 3.5.2021

1. I spend more time resetting passwords, I fucking swear. 

2. If I'm using jarred sauce, it's some iteration of Rao's or Bottaro's if I can get my hands on that.

3. New Orleans nails in the house. MFD walked all dogs this morning so I spent my pre-work time doing my nails - OPI Rich Girls & Po-Boys is the blue and OPI Spare me a French Quarter is the pink. 

4. I'm sure this shoe got taken out with the tide from someone's beach set up or went over the side of a boat. Or there's the explanation that is in all of my serial killer books. 

5. My deaf and mostly blind old boy is still the cutest. He's disoriented up in the main part of the house at the shore so I try to settle him into a bed as soon as he comes up.

If you've got some spare coins today, head over to Bourbon & Lipstick to see how you can help Kentucky flood victims. This area has been hit extremely hard with weather related disasters piling on top of one another over the past month. 

Happy Friday! One week closer to spring even though today is a cold one. 

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