Monday, July 1, 2019

TWTW - the final one in June

Friday We kicked the day off at Dog Beach before 7 am. The green flies were biting but Ben actually played with other dogs without barking. It was amazing. Bruce bugged the entire workday until I let him out on the porch to sniff around and stare at people. 
After work I lay down and read a little until Bruce took over, then walked down and spent about an hour on the beach. It was gorgeous and the water was 77 degrees. The trash pick up on the way out, not gorgeous. I do love that we are in a town where people place lost items on the side hoping someone comes back for them, like the little shoe. 
I popped in at home quickly to get Bruce and Ben and we walked down to the bay for the sunset. On the way back I noticed a hole in the street. I was like fuck do I have to call the cops again? I have called them what feels like every Friday (abandoned boat on my block, person blocking my driveway for more than three hours, abandoned car on my block). But whatever I called and I'm glad I did, it was apparently a thing. I talked to my neighbor for a while and upstairs renters, one of our returning families. 
Saturday We woke up at 6 to jackhammering, so that street hole situation escalated quickly. They had it dug up, filled in, patched, and blacktopped before 10 am. I made daily shower spray and foaming hand soap, cleaned out under the sink/lined with contact paper, and then we did turnover. It was super humid and I was a sweaty fucking mess by the time we were done and we don't even do the whole cleaning. 
After walking the dogs two by two while MFD spot power washed, we hit the beach. It was blazing hot but the cloud cover relieved us. I was furious over a guy flying a drone though. See it by that guy's head in that photo? Yeah, that drone did not belong to his family. RUDE to do that to people. 
We beat the rain back to the house, I finished a book, we ate and headed up for a boardwalk stroll. MFD was beside himself because according to bird activity there were tons of fish near the shore. We got gelato and were home by 9. He went fishing for a few hours and I started a new book and fell out around midnight. 

Up at 6:20 to walk the dogs, which was quite eventful. A guy approached us with a dog and the dog was too aggressive for Ben's liking, so Ben slipped out of his harness and Good Lord. Everyone was fine but before coffee, really? I talked to Laura who was having a luggage crisis before her cruise. We cleaned our apartment , moving furniture and all (which the dogs do not like even a little), then took a bike ride on the boards, had breakfast at Ove's, and MFD headed home while I went to the library to pick up a hold (City of Girls). We hit the beach for about an hour and a half where I zoned out reading a James Patterson. Home to more cleaning, a quick trip to Rite Aid to re-stock some stuff, a nice conversation with our renters, then I was packed up and headed home with the dogs. MFD had two showings, one in NJ and one in PA, and didn't make it home until after 9.
Once I got home I did four loads of laundry, talked to the neighbor out back who is a little like Wilson in that I've never seen him but he tore down his 6 foot fence to replace it this week, changed the couch covers, painted my nails (Sally Insta-Dri White on Time, Wet n' Wild Megalast I Red a Good Book, and Zoya Sia), and read. 
Weekly food prep: Given my schedule for the week, it's not really happening. I'll probably be eating eggs, fruit, veggies, cheese, and maybe some chicken thrown in for good measure. 

I have a three day week this week, then I'm off work until 7/15. Yippee ki yay, MFers. 

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