Monday, July 8, 2019

TWTW - the one with the Fourth and the start of vacation

Thursday, July 4 MFD was gone early for Fourth of July mummery parades. I lingered over coffee with a book, packed my stuff for vacation, made and froze breakfast burritos, slow roasted ribs and served with corn and baked beans, cleaned out the fridge, picked up around the house, and when MFD got home we lay around with the dogs and watched five episodes of Stranger Things. 
Friday My company rocks so we had an extra free holiday on Friday. I did some more packing, changed the sheets and washed them and towels, ran over to my Dad's to pick something up and stopped to get mulch on the way back. I weeded and mulched and planted a new plant and nearly died of humidity and heat. Debbie arrived around 1. She finished working and I painted my nails. We got pedicures before coming home to order Lee's and the three of us watched most of the rest of Stranger Things (I tapped out on the second to last episode to go to bed). 
Saturday The car was packed and we were on the road by 5:30 am. We stopped five times and it took 8.5 hours to get to Emerald Isle. Most exciting part of the drive was a high speed car chase we saw as we were entering North Carolina. Least exciting part of the drive was MFD's incessant crepe myrtle talk. Everyone else was there when we got there. We unloaded and hit the pool, checked out the beach, had pizza for dinner, called the realtor for 20934802 problems at the house, and later my brother and I did the first round of grocery shopping at the new Publix. I fell into bed deliriously tired around 11. 
Sunday We were up for the sunrise and had coffee on the beach with Dad, Carol, and Cathy. Dad, Debbie, MFD, and I made a quick grocery run and picked up our bikes. We read books, hit the beach, watched the US Women win the World Cup, read more, had hotdogs and hamburgers, and a tiny bit of a magic hour. 

Vacation week. 

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