Wednesday, July 17, 2019's complicated

We're in the thick of it now, and as it is every year, my relationship with summer is complicated.
There are things I love about summer, like

-long days filled with light that manage to simultaneously feel timeless and fleeting, so you are conscious of marinating in them and appreciating them
-better commutes without school in session
-ocean water warm enough to swim in
-the smell of sunscreen, summer rain, freshly mown grass
-no need for fleeces or coats
-ocean breezes
-spending a lot of time outside
-fresh fruits & vegetables
-everything feels possible and everything feels brighter
-being one with the sand
-shoes are optional
-dresses without leggings under or cardigans over=one stop dressing
-stepping into air conditioning and feeling instantly cool
-riots of colorful flowers everywhere

But there are things I really don't like about summer, like
-excessive heat
-too much sun. Sun is great but too much sun is not great
-city stench sets in: hot trash, BO, and ripe pee
-people whining about their allergies like no one else has ever had them and certainly no one has had them this bad as they are experiencing
-first light is EARLY in the summer, like before 5 in the beginning of the season. spring and fall sunrises are much easier to be up for
-pugs and heat don't mix
-trains with struggling AC (like today’s)
-bugs in general
-must remain on high alert for ticks
-much more leg shaving than in other seasons
-weeds grow like, you know...weeds
-people wanting recommendations for beach reads...any book you read on a beach is a beach read, Susan
-beach body talk...any body that is on a beach is a beach body, stop ruining people’s enjoyment of ice cream
-driving at the shore
-hot leather car seats
-photos of temperatures in cars
-other people's blaring beach music
-people acting like s'mores are new

What are your summer likes/dislikes?

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