Thursday, July 11, 2019

Thursday Thoughts: lazy vacation style

Wishing for a winning lottery ticket. Vacation forever. Sunrise to sunset.

Bidding MFD adieu early this morning. He headed back home to attend a conference, work, and take care of shore house turnover on Saturday so I could stay  for the rest of the time
Having a great week with my family and Aubrey's family
Drinking mint sun tea

Collecting shells
Laughing at so much
Weathering storms and laughing our asses off crammed under tents propped up with wood to withstand winds
Enjoying coffee with a view every morning

Buying tie dye while wearing tie dye 
Biking around early in the morning before it gets hot
Eating too much vacation food. The donuts from Flip Flops are so fucking good.
Sharing scenes from vacation. Last week's TWTW, today, and Monday's TWTW will serve as vacation posts. 

Tomorrow Steph & I are sharing Day in the Life posts focused on sustainability/being less wasteful - where we're good and not - let me know if you're joining us with a blog post or posting on Instagram so I can check it out from the beach.

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