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Baby talk: tips for conceiving

If you recall, I urged anyone looking to get their writing out there to contact me. You might have surmised that this is one of those posts since I am not interested in conceiving a child or writing about doing so. This is from S., who is considering becoming a freelance copywriter and wanted to test out what it feels like to have her writing out there while still retaining some anonymity. If you're looking to start writing outside of fiction, start with what you know. 


Having a baby is something many people want do in life (but not all people), and when the time comes to try for a baby, it is something we want to prepare for as much as possible. This is why when preparing to have a baby, we can make some changes to the way we live our lives and how we maintain our health for the best possible results.

Whether you are struggling with conceiving a child and want to look into the iui process, or you are a first time tryer looking to improve your chances: here are some things you can do to make the process easier.

1.Record menstrual cycle
When the time comes where you want to have a baby, there are a lot of things which can make a difference and help with the process. It is important for you to think about your menstrual cycle when looking to have a baby because it will ensure that you time sexual intercourse when you are close to ovulation for the highest chance of fertilization.

2. Monitor ovulation
Ovulation is the process in the body when the egg is released from your ovaries and travels through your Fallopian tubes. This is when you want to ensure you have sexual intercourse because this will make it easier for the sperm to reach and fertilize the egg as it reaches the womb. It will ensure that you are more likely to get pregnant. You can even buy an ovulation prediction kit to help you identify the exact day which you should have sex to conceive a child.

3. Have sex
Most women are fertile within a five day period during the month, as this is the time where the egg is been my released and is traveling to the womb. During this window, it is important to have sex as much as you can in order to increase chances of fertilizing an egg.

4. Be healthy
Health and weight can be factors when getting pregnant and the way you live your life will have an effect on the nutrients you are able to provide for your child as they develop inside your body. It is better for your overall health to be active and fit, and it is extra important to be fit and healthy while you are attempting to conceive and while you are carrying a child.

5. Take a prenatal vitamin
Another important thing you need to consider when it comes to getting pregnant are the minerals and vitamins you have in your body. It is crucial for you to think about taking a prenatal vitamin which will give you what you need to develop a healthy baby, including folic acid, B vitamins, and lots of other vitamins which can help with the formation of a spine in the womb as well as tissue.

6. Eat healthy foods
As we are talking about the health of your body as a mother to be, it is important for you to think about eating healthy foods. Healthy foods include things such as fruit and vegetables as well as plenty of protein. You will want to eat a decent chunk of protein because protein makes up the muscles and tissue of the body.

7. Mind the workouts
It is important to stay fit and healthy in the time leading up to pregnancy, however it is also important for you to look after your body and allow it to recover after a workout. While attempting to conceive, mind your workout recovery periods so your body can also focus on processes such as ovulation.

8. Think age
Although you might not think you are ready for a child at this point in your life, it is also important not to leave it too late. Having a baby is something which can change your life forever, but it is something which you have a limited window to do. Fertility declines for most women in your 30s and 40s and this means that you will be less likely to become pregnant as you get older.

9. Don’t smoke and drink
When you make the decision to try and get pregnant you need to start being more aware of your body and how your treat it. Even if you don’t think you are pregnant yet, be aware that you often won’t know until 8 weeks into your pregnancy once you have missed a period and showed some symptoms. If you have been smoking and drinking during this time this can of course have an effect on your baby so it is important for you to quit the habit before you even start to try. This will ensure that your developing baby is as healthy as it can be.

10. Know when to seek help
After six months or so of trying to have a baby, you may need someone to advise you on what to do. It is crucial to ask for help if you feel like there is something wrong because this will allow you to gain an insight into your own fertility and it will ensure that you are able to take steps which work the best for you, and not waste your time trying something which won’t work.


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