Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My Beach Persona

I am a beach sitter, not a beach activities person. I don't play paddleball or other games. I don't take walks more than a block in either direction. I do walk on the beach, but only at sunrise in the summer or any time in the off-season and always with a dog or four. Not in the middle of an intended beach day.

I will help build a sand castle even though I'm not good at it.

Speaking of sand, it doesn't bother me at all. I spend more time with sand on me than without. I am one with the sand.

I'm a chair sitter, not really a blanket sitter, and never a stomach layer on-er.

I'm a swimmer. I love going in the ocean.

I'm a snacker, and my preferences are plums, peaches, twizzlers, chips, frozen grapes, and peanuts. After I get home from the beach I like to have ice cold iced tea, cucumbers and dip, and cheese and pepperoni.

I'm not a music player, I'm a listen to the sounds around you beach person.

I do not crowd others. 

I’m water in reusable vessels, pick up all trash around me even if it’s not mind. 

I'm a baseball hat wearer, not a big hat wearer. I used to try to wear the wide brim hats but have given up.

I'm an umbrella creature. I can't sit out in the sun all day anymore. I like 45 minutes to an hour out then the rest of the time under an umbrella.

I'm not a nap taker, but I will cover up with my blanket and take a rest in the afternoon.

I'm a people watcher and an eavesdropper.

I'm a picture taker.

I'm a zoned out reader who looks up from a book to find a few hours have gone by.

I’m also read while standing at the water’s edge. 

I don't wear any jewelry or makeup, but my lip SPF stuff has color if I can help it.

I'm a rabid re-applier of sunscreen and I worry about those around me that I don't know reapplying.

I'm a beach in all weather person. If I'm near a beach, I go there every day with very few exceptions.

I don't have a set time to go or leave, but I do love lingering late.

What's your beach persona? 

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