Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Sustainability Struggles

As part of our #sustainablestephs campaign during the month of Plastic Free July, Steph and I are talking about where we still struggle today and asking for recommendations if you have any. I've made a lot of changes over the past five years. Things I thought I could never change I have, and realized after my feelings of can't/impossible were rooted in laziness and lack of discipline. I have a long way to go to get to any type of zero waste situation but I'm feeling good about the things I do use regularly being reusable and dropping all single use plastics.

Food packaging. Many of my current struggles lie in how things I buy are packaged. So much unnecessary plastic, my God. I do not just complain about this to myself and the internet - I write to companies about their packaging. I'm hoping other people are doing that too so they might consider alternatives. So, anyone local to Northeast Philly/lower Bucks, do you buy from any stores that have bulk containers of food where you can fill your own?

Take out containers. I don't eat out often, but when I do I mean to bring my own tupperware to put leftovers in and always forget.

Plastic wrap alternative. I am still looking for a good alternative to plastic wrap that is NOT Bees Wrap. Yes I have it and have for years, it is not working for the one thing I still have plastic wrap for - breakfast burritos. I make, wrap, freeze. Does anyone have an alternative that might work?

Vitamin Water. I need to hunt down a recipe to make the Refresh one at home because it only comes in plastic bottles and I'm not doing it.

What about you? Where are you struggling in your quest for sustainability?

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