Monday, July 29, 2019

TWTW - the one with the framily

Thursday I was supposed to be off but alas I had to work. I still met Kim for coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and after work visited my mother in law, then met Kim & Steve & Libby on the boards. We had fun, Libby is a riot, and I always wish we lived closer. I got very little sleep Wednesday night so I was BEAT by the time I got home. 

Friday I was also supposed to be off and while I did a little work I was finished by 9:30. Hallelujah and amen! MFD was gone fishing with Steve and Kim's brother and nephew, so I read on the porch for a while, cleaned up a little, changed the sheets, and hit the beach. The breeze was great, I started a new book, and the people watching was superb. I got a quick shower and walked the dogs, then ran errands via bike and visited with Kim and fam on the porch for a few more hours before biking back home. MFD and I and the dogs were all exhausted so we just couched it. He snoozed and watched Law & Order and I read. 

Saturday dawned early - I heard our guests leaving around 4 for their flight, and we got up around 5 to walk the dogs. I spent some zen time alone on the beach, had coffee on the porch with the dogs, and we did turnover up in the house. We also took a super not relaxing bike ride, which will be my last weekend ride in season on the boardwalk after 8 am. 
By 11 we were off to Corson's Inlet for MFD to fish. I had to pee in the wild (where I'm pointing) but it was fine, FINE, and I finished my book. 

Home to shower, walk the dogs, visit MFD's mom, and then meet Frank, Amanda, and The Diva on the boards. It was packed. At the end of the night MFD and I ended up walking home off the boards so we didn't have to fight the crowds. I fell into bed at 11 and just passed out after walking the dogs. 

Sunday MFD did the morning dog walk so I slept in until 6:30 then had some porch time. He went to a meeting and fished and I attempted to seal a small leak for our guests upstairs until I can get a plumber in. After that I hit the beach for two hours to read before coming home, walking dogs, cleaning up and packing up, and hitting the road.  I started 1039489084 loads of laundry (last week's guests were from FL so I let them use our sheets) and had dinner at my mom's which was great because then I didn't have to make it. Also here's a photo of Mae's snaggle tooth just because.

Weekly food prep: Last week I freaking ate ramen and PBJ because I didn't cook on Monday night. I was only home two nights so whatever but seriously I need to cook Monday night. I have leftover macaroni salad from the weekend so I'm hoping to do something quick like baked or air fryer-ed chicken and sauteed squash. Breakfasts are breakfast burritos. Lunches are leftovers until I need to make another meal.

Have I mentioned my framily has awesome kids? They do. So nice to get to spend time with them this weekend as well as their parents, who I of course love forever. 

Happy birthday to Frank today - Frank's annual birthday blog is coming at you on Friday!

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