Thursday, July 25, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - I Still Feel Alive, Falling Forward, Back Into Orbit

1. I got acupuncture yesterday afternoon and I was so zoned the fuck out and slow moving I swear I spent like five years walking 10 blocks to the train station.

2. When I got home  it took all of my energy to accomplish my tasks and get myself to the shore. Note to self: no acupuncture on driving days. Some of those tasks being making macaroni salad and Pioneer Woman's sloppy joes for this weekend. If you like the sloppy joe, promise me you will make PW's and never eat it from a can or mix again. There's no reason to. I’ve made it numerous times over the years and it is excellent. 

3. Since I was tired, of course Bruce insisted on multiple walks past 10 pm. Then I was up working until after 1. I feel like when I’m rested I’m rested, but when I’m tired a series of events piles on to ratchet tired up to exhausted and in danger of a meltdown unbecoming of an adult woman. You?
4. Ben's teeth make me laugh. He’s like that dog in the commercial. 
5. Local friends, if you are around August 3, please consider coming out to support Advocates for Homeless and Those in Need for a fun night in Fairless Hills. I am over the freaking bingo but MFD is on the board, the cause is good, and we'll already not be at the shore Saturday since we have a soiree at Frank & Amanda's. Purchase bingo tickets here. Men & women! Will I see you there?

6. File under things we all knew: the president obstructed justice. No one did a fucking thing. I'm tired.

7.  We turned the air off at home and I don’t have it on at the shore even though our apartment gets zero circulation. I love open windows. My most desired scenario is always nobheat and no air conditioning. I’m all about the fan game.

8.  I was supposed to be off today and tomorrow, but I have two deadlines so I'm going to attempt a half day today and a half day tomorrow. Fingers crossed I get in those full halves. I'm seeing Kim for coffee today and going to hang with her and Libby on the beach tomorrow. 

9. Reminder:

10. Ecards: It's me.

Care to share a Thursday Thought?

What appears after the hyphen in Thursday Thoughts is a song lyric to whatever I'm listening to when I start to write the post. This week is still feel by half alive

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