Saturday, June 29, 2019

Five quick wedding tips

I got married before I blogged, so you're welcome for not sharing 293840398 posts of excruciating details no one gives a shit about aside from me. I have been thinking of weddings recently so I'm going to do some wedding tips posts. When you’re planning a wedding, the more tips and tricks you can use, the better.

1. Make it easy to RSVP
Organizing any event is difficult when you don’t know how many guests will be attending. Make it easy for your invitees to RSVP by setting up an online portal or email address. With a quick and user-friendly way for people to reply, they’re more likely to RSVP in good time. If you’re sending RSVPs by mail, number your invites and attach corresponding names on your handy invite spreadsheet (just me? Surely not). It's easy to keep track of missing responses when you have numbered cards. I wish I would have saved the postage and had an online portal reply thingy.

2. Be prepared for an outdoor wedding
If you’re planning your marriage vows to be said outside like we did, make sure you’re ready for any weather conditions. Literally the only thing you cannot control is the weather. Having back-up plans in case of rain or excessive heat will ensure that everyone is comfortable and that your day isn’t spoiled by whatever the weather throws at you. If you're wearing a veil, veil weights are good for stopping your veil from blowing away in the wind. If you're wearing heels, heel attachments will prevent high heels from sinking into the grass. And if your wedding reception is in the sand, take it from me and wear a shorter dress. I did not and always wish I did. 

3. Second hand saves
Wedding decorations can be costly. If you want to try something different, hit all the antique shops, garage sales, and markets you can find in the run-up to your wedding and snap up vintage vases, candle holders and centerpieces to give your wedding decorations a bespoke and budget-friendly twist. Or just go largely without like I did. 

4. Create a wedding planner
Whether you opt for a book, folder, or online organizer (I had a binder like the dork I am...not a trapper keeper though), keeping an up-to-date wedding planner makes things so much easier. When you come across tips to help you on your big day, just like this page, you can save them directly to your online planner (pinterest board, too) or jot them down in your hard copy wedding book. With all of your ideas and plans in one place, you can ensure nothing will be overlooked in the run-up to the event.

5. The Cake
Many couples want to have a showstopper cake at their wedding, but it’s easy to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a cake alone (not me, we had a family member make ours and it was perfect, thank the lord). If you don't know an awesome cake lady, to keep costs down have a smaller masterpiece to display and cut, as well as a sheet cake in the back to serve. With two cakes, you can keep the top layer of your showstopper for your first anniversary and have a stunning cake to display while you enjoy a delicious sweet treat with your guests.

Married people, give me the first five wedding tips that come to mind for you - not like "don't worry about anything" but like solid try this hack tips. 

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