Saturday, July 13, 2019

Now hear this

Happy Saturday! I'm on a 8.5+ hour car ride back from vacation today and lending my friend Jesse some space here today for a post on something the majority of us take for granted - hearing. 


When you’re struggling to follow a conversation in a busy room or when you find the volume creeping up on the television, you might have an inkling that your hearing isn’t quite as it should be.
The idea of losing your hearing is a scary one but in our age of modern hearing aids and technology the help you can receive is unobtrusive and effective.

If you think you might need a hearing test, take a look at our hearing loss symptoms and find out what kind of help you could receive.


As mentioned up post do you find it hard to follow a conversation in a group? That difficulty might be made even harder if there’s background noise to contend with as well. Perhaps you spend a lot more time looking at people’s mouths in this situation to try and get a handle on what’s being said.

Or maybe you find yourself coming out with phrases such as: “I didn’t quite catch that” more frequently than you have previously and wonder if people are speaking at a much lower volume.

The biggest giveaway, however, is the level you listen to your television. Perhaps friends and family have started to comment at how loud the volume is turned up when they come in the room and you’ve noticed you still miss the odd word or sentence, even with it turned up loud.

What Next?

The best thing you can do is to visit your local hearing centre and get yourself booked in for a test. There’s nothing to fear here, your specialist will simply take you through a series of sound tests to determine which frequencies you’re experiencing difficulties hearing. They will also give your ear system a thorough check up to see if there are any other factors at play, such as a hard wax build up.

If you know you do suffer from wax then it can be worth having that treated before you go, so the tests are based on your true hearing abilities.


If you do need a hearing aids, you’ve got a lot of choice. You no longer have to wear a heavy, obtrusive brown aid stuck behind your ear but can instead benefit from discrete sizes and better matches to skin tone.

You’ll choose from modern designs and companies who have been making hearing aids that have been trusted for over 70 years.

Hearing loss can creep up on you when you notice yourself missing just one or two words. But it can quickly deteriorate and as embarrassed as you may feel about getting a test done, it’s far better to find out what you’re dealing with as soon as you can.

With aids that can be tucked carefully within the ear itself, you can carry on living your normal life without feeling self-conscious about what you look like. Your family will appreciate bringing the television volume down to a lower level and you’ll be able to, once again, enjoy conversations with friends and family without worrying that you’ve missed a key word or sentence.


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