Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Three Things: July


Three movies I've watched more than 20 times 
Dirty Dancing
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club

Three things I don’t do
1. Run
2. Stay silent about things that matter
3. Treat books like museum pieces

Three things I'm always up for doing
1. Painting my nails
2. Being alone
3. Being an encourager

Three good things that happened this month
1. Vacation
2. New sunglasses
3. Good work-life balance

Three things I wish everyone knew so well it was ingrained in their bones
1. It's not realistic to be happy or positive all the time, no matter what the inspirational quotes say
2. Not everyone is going to like you, people are going to hold opinions of you that have no basis in your reality, and both of those things are out of your control. Be about not caring what other people think.. Do the work internally and you will know freedom every remaining day of your life.
3. When and how to use apostrophes

Three things I'm tired of
1. Humidity
2. Being freezing inside my house
3. the entire republican party which has proven itself to be cowardly kowtowers complicit in child abuse, misogyny, pedophilia, racism, voter suppression, corruption, and a host of other unsavory shit as indicated by their silence

Three things I'll never tire of
1. Pink starburst
2. Reading
3. Checking out new to me libraries and independent bookstores

Three things I like to photograph
1. The sky
2. My dogs
3. Roadside things

Three things I can't resist
1. Staying up later than I should to finish a book
2. Perusing sunglasses
3. Poop jokes

And on that note....now you go.

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