Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I want you to commit to participating in Plastic Free July

Happy Tuesday! Coming in hot and late five days before Plastic Free July.

As you know I am committed to my journey of reducing single use plastics and living more sustainably in general (see Discipline Over Convenience, Weaning Myself off Fast Fashion, and Sustainable Switches to start). Steph at Not Entirely Perfect is as well. Please check out her post today.

I am asking every single damn person in my life - that includes you - to commit to doing something for Plastic Free July, whether that's absolutely no single use plastics or making one small change or somewhere in between. Please. Commit to participating in some way that requires you to make a change to how you are operating in your life right now.

And if I can be so bold, if you are struggling with which change to make, might I suggest two easy switches: giving up single use plastic water bottles and single use coffee cups? Every person I know can do this and already has the tools to replace those things in their homes. If you have a water problem, how about a Brita or at least a gallon jug of water in lieu of the single use plastics?

For Plastic Free July, we're planning a number of things and would love if you'd join us, whether you blog or not:
1 - Sometime in the first two weeks of July, post a day in the life post on your blog or a series of photos on your Instagram account specifically focused on what you're doing to reduce single-use plastics or ways you're struggling/when you forget.

2 - Help! Looking for alternatives to...(insert single use plastic item here). In the third week of July, post on your blog or Instagram asking for alternatives to whatever you're looking to replace.

3 - How we did. In the last week of July, post on your blog or Instagram sharing how you did on whatever you chose to change in Plastic Free July and hopefully report in that you have made this change permanently. Last year I started taking a reusable coffee cup when I bought coffee out and never looked back. I can't believe it took me that long to make that change. If you want to buy the single use cup from Starbucks so it's instagrammable, I'm calling bullshit on that.

If bloggers are interested, we're happy to do link ups, so let one of us know.

On Instagram I am here and Steph is here, and we're going to use the hashtag #sustainablestephs and ask that you do the same and tag us in your posts. We're going to do a Swell bottle giveaway and I think Betsy is kicking in some metal straws too.

What do you think? Are you in? Can you commit to making a small change to reduce your single use plastic use?

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