Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - The Bars are Temples but the Pearls Ain't Free

Wishing zen things for all. Thanks to Gena for sharing.

Doing uhhh...not much this week.

Having almost nothing to share this week because of the aforementioned not doing much. When I start writing Thursday Thoughts, I look at the pictures from my week and go from there. I have seven photos as of Wednesday. One has been shared via Instagram (books I've read recently) and three are of a broken hinge on my ottoman so I can get a refund on it since it's less than three months old. I didn't think anyone wanted photos of laundry I guess.

Donating three bags and one box of stuff to Vietnam Vets - they picked up yesterday.

Finishing Plastic Free July on a soap box because where else would I be. Steph & I need to get together to pick a winner for the S'well bottle + metal straws. If you joined us via blog or instagram for something regarding #sustainablestephs, thank you! Go forth & don't waste. I'm looking forward to seeing MANY more mentions/photos of bringing your reusable cup with you and asking Starbucks or Chick fil-A or wherever on earth you are to fill it up and MANY fewer photos of you with a single-use plastic or Styrofoam logo cup or bottle on Instagram. You all know about Chick fil-A cups, right? If you are a CFA fan, please contact them and ask why they will not let the styrofoam cup die. They shouldn't use them for many reasons, three being 1) Polystyrene (a fancy word for Styrofoam) can take up to 500 YEARS to decompose...and some of it never does. 2) Styrene is a known human neurotoxin and possible human carcinogen and it migrates into foods. 3) Polystyrene is a top pollutant on American beaches - it gets into our waterways and fish eat it and we eat the poisoned fish. We need to hold ourselves accountable, sure, but we really need to hold corporations and government accountable for waste as well. Let’s start with the chick fil-A cups.

Altering my shore schedule this weekend because we're dog sitting (yes, we'll be managing five dogs) and have two commitments on Saturday

Working on the shore house website. I'm dropping Homeaway/VRBO this year for about a million reasons, and I'll probably write a post about that - would that interest you?

Shaking my fucking head... Have you read this article in the Wall Street Journal about wealthy parents transferring guardianship of their teens to get financial aid? I'm sorry, stop it and shut the fuck up about anyone near the poverty line getting any assistance from the state because you HAVE the money or the assets to access the money but are SIGNING YOUR KIDS AWAY so they can collect financial aid designed for ACTUAL POOR FOSTER STUDENTS. These motherfuckers who game the system are absolutely the first people to shit on people who get "handouts," mark my words. Is it legal? Sure. Is it ethical? No. We are a morally bankrupt people who have a very fucking skewed version of right and wrong in this country on so many fronts. Just a reminder that black mothers in other states are in jail for using a different address to get their kids into better schools.

Reading up a storm. I'm on my fifth book in seven days.

Hoping no one is discounting a female presidential candidate based on their gender. I will cut a bitch.

Listening to a lot of 80s. The lyrics in the title are from One Night in Bangkok by Murray Head, but that's basically because it was referenced in conversation online yesterday when I started writing this.

Reminding you...via The Sweet Feminist

Laughing at

What's new with you?

Freaking August 1 already.

Linking up with Kristen

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