Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Women Need to Know About Self-Protection

Hello all - I need a break after yesterday's SUYB so today I'm sharing an article submitted by Maggie Hammond, a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organizations.

Reading over this, it made wonder if men are ever nervous or uncomfortable walking alone to their cars at night, and if not nervous or uncomfortable, then certainly extremely aware of surroundings? I have taken some self defense classes. I don't own a gun but know many women who do (shocker - I'm a liberal who does not want to take your handgun that you use to defend yourself...I just want it to be harder to buy and maintain-requiring tests, skills, safety, etc., this is clearly a separate post). I do carry a whistle...I know, no comparison. Anyway enough of my blathering and on to Maggie's article:

As a woman, you're likely familiar with the nervous, unsettling and uncomfortable feeling you experience walking alone to or from your car late at night, traveling to a foreign destination alone or just being in an unfamiliar place. The unfortunate truth is, as a woman, these experiences are common and preparing for these fearful scenarios is key in self-protection.

Self-Defense Classes and Moves

It is no secret, but a matter of taking the initiative to equip yourself with the tools and skills to protect yourself in a confrontational situation. The skills and moves acquired from a self-defense class provide women with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves. Various MMA, kickboxing, krav maga and self-defense courses are helpful in training your body and mind to handle high-stress scenarios where you must defend yourself. If you're unable to take a formal class and receive training, an article from Prevention magazines titled 5 Simple Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know explains simple moves like the straight punch, front groin kick, knee kicks, bear hug defense and choke defense every woman should practice at home. Being able to think critically and quickly in these situations will help train your natural instincts and protect yourself properly when faced with different attack situations.

Choosing a Hand Gun

Purchasing a handgun and being equipped to use it for self-defense purposes is a good safety precaution and could save your life in a high-risk situation. It's important to remember that owning a handgun comes with great responsibility and requires research to find the perfect fit. The non-profit Women and Guns, which promotes personal safety through awareness and firearm training, provides some great tips for women buying a gun that best fits their needs. Size and accessibility become very important during heated moments where you might only have a few seconds to react accordingly and defend yourself. Every 90 seconds, there is a woman somewhere in America that falls victim to sexual assault. These are staggering and alarming numbers. Purchasing a handgun and receiving training could protect you from falling victim to these statistics.

PANIK Smartphone App

There are many gadgets that you can buy to protect yourself, but one gadget you already have in your purse or pocket is your smartphone. Equip it with the PANIK app to notify all of your friends and family if you are ever in danger. The app will sound a loud alarm and use your phone's LED screen to blink furiously and bring immediate attention to your area. Enter a pin number so that the attacker cannot turn the alarm off once it is sounded. Link the app to your social accounts to activate an automatic status to everyone in your network when you're in danger. If you want to notify only a few close people, the app will also link you to loved ones via text message, notifying them of you're location and that you are in danger.
Whether you choose to use an accessory like a firearm, train in martial arts or use technology to protect yourself, educating, preparing and conditioning yourself is vital to staying safe in any situation. Choose a self-defense class to give you a confidence, find the perfect handgun for your needs and carry your PANIK alarm in your pocket to ensure you don't become another unfortunate statistic.
Ladies, what measures/thoughts do you have or take for self-protection?


  1. I'm looking for that app now. I have a black belt since i was 16 & feel like I can defend myself but people are crazy anymore.,I have to walk in creepy parking garages now & elevators & stair wells have me all on guard

  2. I'm going to check out that app. When I separated last year, I applied for a gun permit to prepare for home protection ... but still need to get a gun. It was a spur of the moment thing because I hate guns and don't even want one in the house. My daughter and I took a self-defense class and I need to do more. I try to be hyperaware of my surroundings and teach my kids to be wary. Doesn't help that I read too many crime/thriller novels and have an active imagination ...

  3. That app sounds amazing! I am not pro gun by any means, but I like the idea of an organization that helps women learn how to use guns for their protection. I recently talked to my son's TKD teacher, and they have adult classes that I'm considering taking.

  4. I share your thoughts on guns 100%, and I need to find this app!

  5. I definitely want to look into this app and check out any self-defense classes in my area. I hate that we even need to think like this (as women), but I know that regardless I'd like to feel more confident in my own strength and defensive ability.
    I grew up surrounded by guns and I like the idea of having one safely put away at home for self-defense, but I've never be someone who carries a gun around. I just don't want that responsibility.

  6. This topic NEEDS to be discussed. Thanks for putting this post out there. I took a self-defense class in college. At the end of the course, we did a mock attack. This big, male campus security officer was all decked out in pads and we had to fight him off. Although it was "staged" or "fake", being in that dark room with a huge guy was really intimidating. There is a real problem in West Michigan where I live with kidnappings for human trafficking (believe it or not). I always have to be aware in parking lots and in stores as to who is around me. Can't wait to check out the PANIK app!

  7. I think I’ll check into that app.
    My job requires me to be trained on ways to protect myself if I was in a situation where it got physical. Right before break we practiced getting out of choke holds and grabs. I would like to think I could rely on that a bit.

  8. Never heard of the PANIK app, thanks for sharing. I agree on more tests for people who get guns.


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