Monday, January 8, 2018

TWTW - the one with a lot of nothing

Does the title give away the whole weekend? Maybe.

Friday I worked from home because it was fucking cold. I stood working from 12:30-5:30 at the counter and now I really really want a stand up desk at work. We got a photo of our shore house, lots of big drifts but otherwise it looks okay. Aside from the downed wire. I called the electric and cable companies so hopefully someone goes and checks it out. MFD picked up Brother's Pizza for dinner and I read most of the night.
Saturday I slept in and read when I got up, with the intention of organizing stuff in the early afternoon. Eight hours and a new book later, I finally showered and got rid of a bunch of shit on the top floor. So basically, here are some dog photos that sum up the day.

Sunday up and at 'em prepping food and paying bills. Then I left the house for the first time since Wednesday night (that's shut-in status, yo) for a trip to Marshalls. With MFD. Which is not as enjoyable as a solo trip because it takes much longer. I couldn't find him forever. Then I saw him...wearing his Griswold hat, carrying a huge ass wreath, trolling the Christmas clearance. We did end up getting the desk and chair we went for to set up his basement office. In a fit of hanger we stopped at Chili's and it was abysmal. MFD at least made it funny obsessing over feeling weird about wearing a turtleneck in public.
A quick stop at Produce Junction for this week's flowers before heading home.

Weekly food prep
Breakfast is scrambled eggs. Snack is power breakfast muffins, kiwi, or Noosa yogurt. Lunch is pesto chicken and roasted sweet potatoes two days, a meeting another, and dinner leftovers the other two. Dinners are london broil and baked potatoes with steamed broccoli and chicken thighs thrown into the crock with homemade cream of mushroom soup and carrots. I'll probably serve over rice but it could be a soup in its own right.
I spent the evening reading, looking at my new bread book thanks to Rachael's recommendation, picking shit up, and telling MFD 100 times things that need to go out in the trash.

It's a glamorous life.

Also. Oprah is the queen and time’s up. 

It's been a while since I did nothing but read all day. I loved Saturday so much. And tomorrow is Show Us Your Books so you can find out what I thought of those books. See you back here for that.

Today it's going to get over 25. Heat wave.


  1. I'm impressed you didn't go stir crazy from Wed - Sunday...I need some fresh air or else I start to question my sanity LOL! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. I don't know The Serial Killer's Daughter but I'm so intrigued now! I am really curious about The Woman in the Window too, since Rear Window is a fascinating concept. I'll take it in book form! Oprah's speech was amazing and I was crying and time's up FOR REAL.


  3. I too was a shut in for most of the weekend as well. We did go to Bed Bath and Beyond. We bought pots and pans. I usually lose my husband at Target.
    I’m glad the shore house made out ok and your pictures with MFD crack me up.
    While I am excited about our “heat wave” it means outdoor recess which I’m going to be frank it is a disaster.
    I missed oprah’s speech I should google.

  4. Cheers to a weekend of nothing, but still getting things done. Food prep looks delicious!

  5. damn canadian weather..went from frigid deep freeze to gotdamn snow storm! noro hit our house and kayla was sick, then it was my turn last night (but i think mild? here's hoping) so staying home today just in case.

  6. I loathe chili's..that's the place that NEVERRRRR gets my order right. Ever.
    That Bet you got a great deal

  7. Please tell me one of you took a bite of the pizza and then put it back for the photo. Bruce's head tilt kills me. I missed every bit of the Globes - I'm doing catch-up this morning.

  8. I love that desk. Did you see Shonda Rimes' tweet about eating at Chili's? At least you are in good, strong female territory. And last week I didn't leave the house from Sunday afternoon - Friday evening other than to walk the dog... I am with you on shut-in status.

  9. A few people in my office have those standing desks and really love them. I thought about getting one myself. That wreath is so fab!! Yay for the heatwave!! I was so excited to see the temps would be in the high 20's today! haha. Who would have ever thought we would be excited for that!

  10. You are making me want to go finish the book I started Friday, I had to much going on this weekend to finish, I need a shut in weekend! Oh Chili's, why have you gone so downhill. His turtleneck posing is so funny! I want a standing desk too, my coworker built one and I always stare at it longingly.

  11. I'm glad that the shore house looks ok! And I don't blame you for staying in the house when it's that cold outside! I wouldn't have wanted to budge either!

  12. Sometimes we need those kinds of weekends but it's not fun being forced into it by a snowstorm or cold temps.

  13. I love weekends of nothingness. I had a similar weekend, but then I got sick on Monday and allll my relaxing vibes went out the window. UGH.

  14. I am glad that your shore house is ok! There is a guy in my building with a standup desk. he works for another company and I wish my company would offer that kind of stuff for us! I cant even get a new desk chair. Pretty sure mine is from the 80s when this building was converted to offices. I love MFDs enthusiasm for Christmas decor. That wreath is so pretty!

  15. I was home Wednesday night through Saturday and even though it was incredible not braving the elements outside, I became a total garbage person -- dirty/unshowered and eating ALL THE THINGS. I had to put a stop to it. Also, standing desk? NOOOOO.

  16. I'm going to go and try working standing at my counter right now. This might be the cheapo answer to the standing desk I've been craving as well!

  17. I wouldn't want to leave the house either with all that snow but I'm sure you were going stir crazy so some shopping to get out the house sounds much needed even with MFD's Griswold antics. At least you can laugh about it! A relaxing weekend at home sounds perfect in my books especially since you are usually on the go most weekends! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  18. Why is there a triangle missing from the middle of that pizza? Something tells me MFD has been there...

    I need the heat way to stay. I'm going to freeze this week. Did I send you an email about that yet? I can't remember... I started one. But now I'm confused.... Hmmm.


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