Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - if I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me

1. All I have eaten this week is bread and pasta. No regrets, but for the sake of transparency this is what I look and feel like today.

2. Wednesday morning I woke up tired. I got a shower and was toweling off when I realized I hadn’t used soap. Not an auspicious start to the day.

3. I haven't watched the NFL in a long time for a variety of reasons, but it is exciting to have your hometown team in the Super Bowl. Not exciting: watching everyone pull their dick out like they are the biggest fan ever and scoffing at people who are simply caught up in the excitement. Sorry, there is no award for biggest fan. Please take several seats on your couch. ANYWAY if you are looking for Eagles gear, because, like me, you have none and need to wear it to work the Friday before the Super Bowl for a staff photo opp, please consider shopping Lane Johnson's collection - all proceeds are donated to the Fund for the School District of Philadelphia. You can also buy underdog shirts through the NFL because at first those greedy dicks were not giving ANY money to charity but they were shamed into it and now 100% of the proceeds will go to the Fund for the SDofP. There are always your street corner peeps and your local t-shirt jawns too - their proceeds don't go to charity, but we've all got to eat. If you've gotta have that underdog mask, you can get it at Oldiescom - stock was expected in yesterday - and 65% of the profit goes to the fund for the Philly School District. If you never watch football or if you don't regularly root for the Eagles but are going to in the Super Bowl - have at it. Don't let any crotchedy super fan ruin your fun.

4. I have the worst neck pain and it's been going on for months, radiating down my back and arm and up over my head. The chiro, massages, and daily stretches haven’t even touched it. I ordered a water based pillow that's supposed to arrive today. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and she thinks it's a pinched nerve. I should have gone sooner. Acupuncture, here I finally come.

5. Full steam ahead on shore house booking. I only have three weeks left to rent: one in mid-June, one in early July, and the last week of August, as well as Memorial Day Weekend. We're going down to check on the house this weekend and drop off new lights that are getting installed on Monday. That quick visit will only intensify my desire to be back down there every weekend. Soon. Soon.
6. Based on what I see online, people are still uninformed about who exactly these Dreamers are and what they can and can't do or get in this country. Please read below and call your rep to demand a Clean Dream Act NOW. If you read the below you will see there is no harm in having them here, there are actual GAINS. If you read below and still want them kicked out back to countries they have no knowledge of because of a misguided notion that they’re taking something from Americans, man... Based on what I saw in person Monday night at a town council meeting about a local police force in Bensalem, PA, (the town next to me) wanting to be part of ICE's 287g program, people hate brown immigrants but are okay with white immigrants. What I personally encountered there literally made my hair stand on end. I felt like it was 1950 and I was standing at a water fountain in the south next to a hateful white lady only she was wearing a Build the Wall pin instead of standing under a No Coloreds sign. It’s racism. When will people see that?
7. MFD is running for state rep of our district, the 170th. You know I can't share something here without being authentic and that won’t change now. I am not stepping behind the campaign glass. It’s been easy for me to urge people to run for office my entire life, but it was not easy to accept that my husband was going to do it. Not because I don't believe in or support him and not because I don't think he will be great and truly work hard to make his community a better place - he does that now as a regular guy - but because as a spouse this is an exposed and vulnerable place to be. I remember looking at a piece of mail from the current representative's supporters before Election Day that was a personal attack against the last democrat who ran for the position and I felt absolutely sick to my stomach. That's the shit I hate, you know? And everyone says well that's politics. Bullshit. If you can't beat someone on merit and resort to personally attacking them and their families, you shouldn't be in the race and you sure as shit do not belong in government. That sentiment times 1000 in this current political climate. Don't worry, me being me - and a condition of him running was that I would still be out here being me and not propped up as the candidate's wife who smiles and shuts her mouth (can you imagine?) - I will not be shy about discussing anything like that. We are regular people living regular lives-the kind of people I want in government. I think people fear getting involved in politics because there's this idea that you have to go behind a wall and do and say everything perfectly. Hey world, that's fucking impossible because no one is perfect. Maybe we got where we are because we bought in too much to the polished person with the right sound bite instead of expecting them to roll up their sleeves and work alongside of us to make this world a place that’s good for all of us. If you're so inclined, please like Mike Doyle for PA Representative on FB and follow Mike Doyle for PA on Twitter. Don't worry, Shit MFD Said will still be happening. We're still here, the regular people we've always been, involved in our own personal thermostat and toilet paper wars with MFD telling me at 10:12 pm Tuesday night that he is announcing a candidacy live from the living room the next night at 7. This is us. Here we are, just like you. Put regular people back in politics. Let’s make that a thing.

8. Wins: This week there was a big PA Gerrymandering win - this will fix the districts this time around, but not the overall process, so if you are a PA resident please urge your representatives to enact Senate Bill 22 and House Bill 722 to ensure fair districts going forward. If you don't know who your rep is or the difference between State House and State Senate, contact me and I will help. This benefits all voters across the political spectrum-not politicians. Voters. Also. The Larry Nassar trial. WARRIOR WOMEN facing this shitstain on humanity. Judge actually giving justice. Men crying about her being mean. STFU he sexually abused over 160 young girls.

9. Reminder:

10. E-card of the week:

What's cooking with you?


  1. Oh. My. Sweet. Strong. Girl. Thursday thoughts is my favorite. The charitable & just heartwarming actions of Carson Wentz and Chris Long have made me a fan. Put your money in a donation. Less party food and alcohol and decorations-more donations. They are leading by example. Godspeed Times 50 million trillion to Mike Doyle and to you. I’m in awe. I’m so proud. Extra lights and angels. End the hate of the woman you stood next to and to all like her. End ICE. End greed. Very awesome about the shore rentals. Thanks to the universe for our wonderful lives ✨😇💖🦄🕊🍀💙💚🌈🦅🎁☮️❤️⭐️☀️🌏❣️ Love. Your. Momma.

  2. Liberty and justice for all. Equality. Compassion. Love always win. Vote 🗳 Blue❣️

  3. We are personal friends with Doug Pederson and his family. His wife was the big sister I never had and my next door neighbor while growing up. They are very kind and humble people and so of course, we are pulling for the Eagles! As for your husband, congrats to him on his decision and I hope he wins!

  4. I’m job searching and quite heartbroken about that fact. However I can’t stay in an environment where I have to watch my back, where I lose confidence in myself and where rules are changed daily to cover people’s asses (can I swear in comments )
    Pasta and bread oh lord me too!
    We will be rooting for the Eagles even though we are from NewEngland.

    Good luck to Mike and thanks for posting

  5. Yes to all the carbs! I don't start worrying about it until Feb. 1st - kind of a delayed resolution response.

    Colts fan AKA anti-Patriots fan AKA Eagles fan this year

    Congrats to your husband on his decision and best of luck to him (and you) on his campaign! Government needs more real people in it, that's for certain. Not sure if my Philly fam are in your district but I'll pass his info along to them.

  6. I think it's awesome that MFD is running. That has to be such a huge transition to get used to.

    Acupuncture, I hate. The effects of it can be amazing though, so I'd support that decision to at least give it a try!

  7. Good luck to you and Mike. I love that idea putting regular people back in to politics. Because that is what we need. This is the first year I've seen campaigning behind the scenes and I agree, it is gut wrenching to see the attack ads. I hope that the people who come out to support you both and thank MFD for running help make all that crap slightly easier to deal with!

    I could write pages on DACA but I won't :) We are going out to an event tonight to remind our Congressman how many DACA recipients live in his district and what it would mean for the economy, he supposedly cares so much about, if they were to stop paying taxes and in many cases have their businesses shut down.

  8. My boss lives about 90 mins outside of Philly and likely has contacts near you so I am going to share MFD with her today. Good luck to your whole household! I watched the video and loved the dog cameos.

    DACA keeps so many industries in Houston running and the number of people who don't support it are astounding. And I'm an Eagles fan by default... tired of the Brady Super Bowls!

  9. So excited for MFD! Be the change!! I know your reluctance. My mother was chairman of our local school board when the did redistricting here. Someone actually put up a sign in their yard of a giant school bus running over an effigy of my mom. Luckily, my mom is strong and went out there and had her picture Made with it. A big ol’ FU to the person because we all laughed. You’re strong and you go this! Xoxoxo

  10. We think my dad has a pretty bad pinched nerve, too. It sent him to the hospital the day after Xmas because he was having chest pain and we were fearful of the worst. Fortunately all his tests were good so now he's going down the pinched nerve path to try and find a remedy.
    When MFD makes it to the White House maybe he can have a staff members who is solely in charge of supplying and keeping track of nail clippers? That'll probably need to be a personal expense, though. I doubt the tax payers will be concerned about his hang nails ;)
    Yay, MFD!! Best of luck to you guys!!!

    Judge Aquilina is a mother fucking powerhouse (as are all the badass women who testified and came forward and survived that terrible monster of a human). If only she'd have oversaw Brock Turner.

  11. That's one of the first things I thought, uh oh, the stuff MFD says will be taken down. Haha glad to see nothing is hidden with you two. Exactly why I'd vote for him

  12. Good luck to Mike! And Shit MFD Said can only help him. He's hilarious!

  13. Lots of congrats to MFD on making this decision!! I had wondered when I saw your post last night how that would/wouldn't affect your space here and I'm super glad to see that it won't!
    Lots of luck to your Eagles!! Our house will be rooting for them :)

  14. GO MFD! That is so great, and honestly not surprising at all. He needs to have a career in politics/government; y'all are destined for it! Also, that Nassar trial has been both empowering & nauseating. THE JUDGE IS A SUPERHERO.

  15. So sorry to hear you've been in so much pain, hope you find some relief soon and the acupuncture helps. And congrats to MFD for deciding to run, although as a spouse I'd be feeling exactly the same way. You guys are both amazing, and will remain strong :)

  16. Congrats again to MFD. He'd make a great representative and I also completely understand how you feel as a spouse because that's exactly how I'd feel. Go Mike and let us know how we can support him!

    Honestly, I couldn't believe that people (i.e. men) were complaining that the judge was too mean to Nassar. He molested over 160 women. How was she supposed to treat him? Oh right. "Well, sir, I'm really concerned how this affects your future" ... more concern for the predator versus the victims, like they normally hear at trials of rapists and molesters (hello, Brock Turner).

    The only things I know about the Superbowl is that I hate Tom Brady and it's being played in Minneapolis (all everyone talked about over Christmas). So I guess I'm rooting for the Eagles but I'm confused by the dog masks. :D

  17. I can't with all of this Eagles stuff. It is EVERYWHERE. I need it to stop. I want to keep reminding people around here that WE ARE NOT PHILADELPHIA. Calm your shit.

    You know how I feel about the Nassar verdict. Aquilina is a hero.

  18. I'm the opposite on football because I watch fairly regularly but sorry, DGAF about either team in the Super Bowl in even the slightest bit. Literally no preference, only excited about the sausage dip I'm always make.

    Yay MFD!!! Best of luck to him (& you)!

  19. I am so excited he is running! I need to see if my friend that lives there lives in that district. I am doing Mardi Gras instead of Superbowl, I love the years that happens so I don't have to care, hee hee! Have a great day!

  20. I LOVE acupuncture! One of my good friends is a licensed acupuncture therapist and chiropractor... aka a magician.

    Good luck to MFD! I hear you on the vulnerability of it all, but it would be a very positive thing for the state - like you said, regular people living regular lives are what we need in office! I have tons of friends in the district, so I'll spread the word!

  21. Snotty - is there an avenue to donate to MFD's campaign?

  22. I am so sorry that you are in that kind of pain. You will have to let us know your thoughts on the pillow. Congrats to MFD for running! I love love love that you are still going to be you and there will still be Shit MFD says, because that shit is golden. I wish him all the best in his campaign!

  23. I am BEYOND excited about him running, because just like you said-normal people.

  24. Hope the acupuncture helps!! That's exciting he's running, I think if they tried to attack you you'd have lots of friends (both online and offline) coming to your side. Needed that E-card after today since it just sums up certain people oh so well.

  25. Oh my God, I'm both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous about MFD running! This is amazing and terrifying, and I wish him luck! I definitely agree with your statement: "Put regular people back in politics." Yes, obviously regular people aren't perfect ... But at least they aren't trying to pretend that they are. If you're a regular person trying to be the best person you can be and make some positive changes in your community, I'm definitely all for that.

  26. omg yes to MFD in office, that is AMAZING

  27. My water pillow has been awesome! I've had it for about 10 years, chiropractor recommended). I have a few herniated discs in my neck causing pinched nerves and radiculopathy down my shoulder and arm. I also take megadoses of turmeric with piperine (black pepper extract). Now the chronic pain is so much more manageable and I am off aspirin and other anti-inflammatries as a rule.
    Also, GO MFD!

  28. I had a pasta and bread week a couple of weeks ago and felt like shiiiiiiit. Lol. It was good going down, though.

    Go Mike!!! So proud/happy for him. I’m amazed at all the good he does. More people need to step up and give a shit like he does.

    Love that box meme. Fitting for so many assholes I see/meet/interact with. Lol!

    Hope you had a good weekend love.

  29. Fantastic photography here.thanks a lot for sharing.



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