Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - from the churches to the jails tonight all is silence in the world

1. I listen to the Clarence Clemons sax solo on Jungleland once a day and I think to myself hot damn. I say hot damn. 

2. Things I don’t get this week: the appeal of matte cars, why you would walk down the street with your phone in front of your face on speaker and yell into it, why my phone needs me to tell it to always capitalize I, how two of us use so many dishes. 

3. A lesson: I called for a massage appointment and my regular lady was off but I was insistent on getting my ass in there Tuesday. Tuesday night I got a massage where the nice woman rubbed me down very lightly with a vat of oil for 50 minutes despite me requesting an increase in pressure twice. I am not sliding down a slip n slide sans water so who the hell needs to be rubbed down in a vat of oil? If my impatient ass could have waited another day... 

4. Reese’s peanut butter eggs (the best shape) and Cadbury creme eggs are in stores for Easter. It’s January. I know this because I bought a Cadbury egg after my massage disappointment and ate it like a hungry wildebeest.

5. Bruce has his Camp Bow Wow interview today so I'm working from home to take him to that on my lunch hour.

6. Sara from Journey of Doing is in Philly for work so I was happy to meet up with her yesterday at Bluestone Lane attached to the Warwick, my favorite hotel lobby in Philly.
7. I read a non-fiction book this week. I know. Me. Nonfiction. This year it feels more important than ever for me to understand how we got here, what I have actively or passively done to contribute to that, and what I can do going forward to help dismantle the systems like the one discussed in The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander. I learn by reading so back to the school of mind expanding books I go.

8. Super pumped for the Women's Marches this weekend. Let one motherfucker ask why people feel the need to gather together in our streets. Just one. Info on the Philly March here and the Doylestown Women to the Front Rally here. Both sponsored by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Find an anniversary March near you here.
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  1. Oh no, Cadbury eggs are in stores already?! How will I ever control myself for so many months. Sorry your massage was dissapointing. Hopefully the egg made up for it!

  2. John says the same thing about the egg shaped Reese's! Why is that? Do they taste better?

    1. The chocolate to peanut butter ratio in an egg is absolute perfection! haha

  3. Honestly, I was disappointed in Reese's pumpkins and trees. I'm not sure why an egg-shaped peanut butter connoction is better than a tree or a pumpkin.
    I keep avoiding nonfiction reads, but after a couple current memoirs, I realized I need to add a nonfiction in my reading rotation.
    Good luck to Bruce on his interview.

  4. Hello to Bruce! I think I'm in love with him. :)
    Ugh. Nothing like a disappointing massage. You're so ready to be pampered and then...pffft. Hope you get a better one next time.

  5. The Big Man❣️ Egg shaped Reese’s are the best. I will be in a quest for them and the Cadbury eggs today. It’s only once a year🐣🐰💖. Private prisons are the worst. Greedy owners. Corrupt lawmakers, etc. Can we please end greed and hate. Goddess speed and many thanks to all who march for the good of all. Peaceful and positive energy to all. Love. Your. Momma.

  6. Yes, I saw Cadbury Eggs yesterday while in Walmart and I thought, "Didn't we just put out the Valentine's Day candy? What's up with this Easter stuff?" Now, I must admit that I do love a good Cadbury Egg, but I have to really, really, really keep a handle on how many I eat because, historically, I have had a hard time stopping once I start.

    I feel your pain about light touch massages... Grrr. They do nothing for me, except annoy the dickens out of me.

  7. Hope Bruce's interview goes well! I wish our dogs could go to/had a Camp Bow Wow. Enzo would love it. Lylee would eat the other dogs. Sigh.

    Disappointing massages are on the short list of worst things ever. Seriously.

  8. #3 = HUGE pet peeve of mine. Less is more on the oil, bitches, and if you can’t provide at least moderate pressure, go home. The people who educated this lady did her a disservice.

  9. Bruce's arm over the couch is killing me. Can you complain to the massage place, or at least provide feedback? I hate massages filled with regret afterward.

  10. My father in law always has his phone on speaker screaming into it because otherwise he can't hear. But I am guessing the people you see on the streets in Philly doing this, probably don't have hearing problems and are just obnoxious individuals. Happy almost Friday!

  11. The massage one: I think I talked about this on my blog, but I forget. I went in with someone who isn't my regular person and it was a guy. He looked like Frodo the hobbit and he smelled like whatever he'd had for lunch that day. Was a heavy breather, and basically just put his hands lightly on my shoulders for an hour. I asked to end early because it sucked.

  12. I love Reeses Easter Eggs. They are my very favorite and I refuse to buy any of the other shapes, trees, hearts, whatnot. The easter egg came first and I am a purist! Normally I'd be irritated by the fact those Easter Eggs are already on the shelf before Valentine's Day but ... Easter Eggs! Ah, we're opposites when it comes to massages. I always need to explain that I'm very wimpy and require a gentle touch.


    (these are my favorite candy every so I am overly excited & not apologetic at all)

  14. I miss Clarence!
    I make my own peanut butter eggs.
    I'm going to ponder the pig wrestling issue.
    Capital "I" seems like something any self-respecting smart phone should be able to do independently. UGH.

  15. For us, the Cadbury Mini Eggs are the devil. Many a carefully-crafted meal day has been unwound by those eggs. But the candy coating is perfect...





  17. I hate the eggs. I thought I might have responded to this earlier this week (there we go with that imagination problem again)... but I can't do the eggs. I can barely do the cups. I'll stick to the pieces. I still love that lobby. Thanks for hanging out with me in Philly. Definitely a good way to start the trip. :)


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