Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - now she can't be that warm with the wind in her arms

1. I am well on my way to becoming the eccentric old lady I was born to be in this cold but pretty winter.

2. IF we were going to deify any sort of medication,  Elderberry Syrup is the way, the truth, and the light. I take it in water every day all year. I was off it from Christmas Eve on and by NYE I was feeling terrible. New batch, double dose for three days, now I'm much better. It does not get rid of snot but it does help you feel run over by a small car instead of a mack truck. Seriously I rarely get sick, and taking this daily is why. For me it's less effective as a cure than a preventative. 
3. The Goldbergs. I freaking love it like everyone who knows me told me I would.
4. The next Show Us Your Books is Tuesday. That came up fast, no? I finished a book last night and started another but I don't know if it'll last.

5. Meanwhile, in Dog Town...Mae hates the entire world and everyone in it due to the weather. Gus's age shows more and more. Bruce is so full of energy and naughty but also funny and so cute.
6. The President: A Dangerous Idiocy. The North Korea tweet shows his complete lack of foreign policy, diplomacy, and restraint. Posturing over big buttons for your nuclear weapons? Nuclear taunting is what insecure little dictator men do, not capable and powerful presidents of the United States of America. Wait... The other tweets are a domestic terror. NOT NORMAL. RESIST.

7. In the aftermath of #MeToo - #TimesUp. The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment, and inequality in the workplace. I signed the solidarity letter and donated Tuesday. Read the NYT article here. Ladies and allies - we cannot say we want things to be different and not commit to being a part of the change. 

8. Mmm hmm 

9. Reminder:
10. Ecard of the week: 

Happy birthday to my aunt Sue today! 

What's new with you?

What's New With You


  1. I am loving being the eccentric old lady I was born to be! Nobody knows me here. I can dress how I like and noooobody cares. It's amazing.

    Conversely, I am over here thinking temps over 35 (thats C, in F its close to 100 I think) are unnecessary. I know I moved here (in part!) for the weather but that's going too far.

  2. I've never heard of elderberry syrup before! Does it taste like anything? If it works, I'll try anything ;)

    Thanks for linking up with us! Stay warm!

  3. I donated too after finding out this week that my office recently hired someone who has 21(!) sexual harassment claims against him from his previous employer. I obviously need to try elderberry syrup! What a great idea.

  4. Love #8 - so so true! And the president's tweets...I just. I can't. What is happening here?!


  5. Alright I'm definitely intrigued by the syrup. I'm going to have to give it a shot!

  6. The elevator pic is the best. Also, I feel like I resemble Gus by the time I'm home and dead on the couch. Why can't we get a month off for the holidays...?
    How that psycho bat is still the president is so beyond me.

  7. Already bookmarked the syrup recipe - if it helps cut down on my Mucinex fog, it'll be a winner in my book. Every time I hear about a new DT tweet, I think/hope that his account has been hacked and am always disappointed.

  8. The syrup seems interesting but i have a weird sensory thing with food.
    Not much in the way of thoughts in my brain except that we are getting a major snowstorm and I don’t think there needs to be continuous coverage of the storm. We get it it’s snowing and cold outside how many times can you “go back outside” ?
    At least it gave me a snow day and maybe a snow day tomorrow.
    Also in my brain is the fact that I felt like a sheer genius yesterday during my tutoring session when I got the child to complete all her homework even with said snow day approaching. Which was a good balance because the school day left me feeling defeated and heart broken. We need to look very strongly into mental health of our youth.
    Let’s stop calling people snowflakes okay? Let’s start meeting these students where they are and help them grow.
    Okay I guess I had more in my brain than I thought.

  9. I love elderberry syrup, it’s amazing. I need to make it, I sent you that link and never tried it myself. I’m terrible.

  10. I swear by elderberry. I just ordered some more.,the flu is running rampage around here

  11. i love manuka honey but that stuff is expensive AF. i remember the days when it was a well kept secret and it was sold for $12.99...and then some betch let the cat out of the bag (probably me since i posted about non-stop on my old blog) and now it's over $30/jar WTF.

    and yes to channelling your inner eccentric old lady!

  12. I tried taking a spoonful of elderberry syrup for a week, and it tasted too gross. Maybe diluting it in water would be better. I'll give it a shot.

  13. You look warm and cozy in your winter gear! I just started taking elderberry gummies this past Saturday and feeling pretty dang good! I cant believe that the next SUYB is already next Tuesday. I hope to finish one of the two books I have started before then :)

  14. I'm glad you posted a link to your elderberry syrup so I don't have to dig around for it (yup, I'm lazy) because I need to make some. My New Year's cold was relatively minor but I don't got time to be sick! I suspect the elderberry syrup would work similar on me, more preventative than a cure. I can't believe SUYB is next week either but I've been getting my read on! I don't have words for Trump. I still haven't figured out why there are still people who haven't seen the emperor is not wearing clothes. Is not a brilliant tactician or sales man. That he's a dangerous, petulant child with mental health issues. #8 is one of the biggest mistakes we have made as people. To avoid it (and assume whichever side we fall on is right) versus be naturally curious and open to learning about other cultures, religions, beliefs without feeling threatened. I feel like that ecard should be my calling card.

  15. If I had to commute/walk/be out in that weather, I'd look the same.

    I haven't kept up with The Goldbergs this season, but it is hilarious.

  16. Trump is like a parody of a president... except it's real and I'm so confused!

  17. Glad you are feeling better, being sick is the worst!

  18. you look so comfy and warm and i love your boots!
    hmm. i am curious about Elderberry. i rarely get sick so i don't know if i need it, but i've heard of it. i feel like i've had it in a cocktail lol.
    bahaha that ecard is fabulous.
    Ok, adding the Goldbergs to my to watch list. is it on netflix? that's basically the only way i watch things now.

  19. Love your cold weather getup, you look warm and prepared! I think I need to make some elderberry syrup for all my sick loves. #8 is so the truth! I need to watch the Goldbergs, I have seen a few and loved.

  20. I love number 9–I need to tell more of my people that. Trump: as I said yesterday on insta, I’m more and more terrified. You don’t screw around with nuclear war. I don’t care how small your dick is, don’t mess with nukes!!!! Ughhhh!!!
    This cold is insane!!! The wind against our house is so loud! We got another day off tomorrow I think bc of wind chill.

  21. POTUS is going to be the end of us..... He is the poorest excuse of a man ever.

  22. Gus looks so wise in that photo. I love him. I love Mae's contempt for winter and I stand in solidarity with her. I don't give a flying fish whose button is bigger and let's not find out whose finger is heavier for the love of all things holy. I love the quote about politics and religion being why we don't understand it. It's also why we exist in echo chambers and can't entertain thoughts that make us uncomfortable.


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