Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I feel like I’m always...

I feel like I'm always...

Filling up humidifiers 

Saying BRUCE!

Standing on bitterly cold train platforms waiting for late trains

Sitting on a train

Wishing I was at the shore

Answering “Steph, where is _______?”

Drinking coffee

Thirsting for water

Anticipating a new book

Researching face products for dry, very sensitive skin

Being inspired by others to do things big and small 

Finding pee where there should not be pee

Replacing the toilet paper roll everywhere I go

Getting rid of things but never enough things, since I'm always doing it

Rolling my eyes at what is passing for government 

Wriggling around like a rabid raccoon caught in a trap to take my jacket off at red lights

Trying to do better once I know better

Rubbing a knot out of my neck


Moving a dog so I can get comfortable, only to have another dog immediately fill the newly vacant space

Making lists

Forgetting to put things on lists

Folding laundry

What do you feel like you’re always doing this winter?


  1. Dehairing even after I dehair. But I love our pups. Dusting. Wiping down wherever I go. And I have a very neat husband ! Picking up when grandchickens are here. Telling people what they want to eat and listing what we have.
    Grateful to infinity and beyond for all of this and for where I am on my life journey now❣️Goddess speed to all. Love. Your. Momma ❣️

  2. I feel like I am always being Randy from A Christmas Story!

  3. Making lists and then forgetting to moisturize so I am getting out of bed at random times to put lotion on my arms.

  4. i loathe the chore of filling up the humidifiers.

  5. Making a list of essays to read and revise. Making a list of rec letters to write. Speaking of.... there's at least three I need to finish NOW. lol.

  6. Finding pee, omg yes. Especially when I watch my mom's two male dogs, one of whom is a geriatric old man who pees every half hour.

  7. Vacuuming dog hair. Refilling the Brita pitchers. Rolling my eyes at POTUS. Running/training. Yelling “stop that—get off the back of the sofa!” It’s like Groundhog Day sometimes! Happy Tuesday!

  8. Hahahaha- the finding pee line cracks me up.
    I, too, am always replacing toilet paper rolls, answering the dreaded "Where is ___?" question, and feeling once-comfortable voids being filled by dogs. Ha.

  9. Filling up humidifiers is a constant. Have them upstairs and downstairs and they are constantly running. Lists upon lists, upon lists. Especially now that I plan to sell my house this year, lots to do to prepare.

  10. I just said I know our neighbors are so sick of hearing me yell, ERNIE over & over

  11. definitely making lists, and creeping on dogs/plotting how I can own 24890583 dogs. :)

  12. I always feel like I'm doing dishes, yelling at Max to stop being naughty which is promptly followed by a smooch (he gets a lot of mixed messages), putting lotion on my alligator skin, trying to remember if I brushed my teeth, checking out and returning books (this is a good thing) and giving Emperor Baby Fists and the GOP the finger.

  13. Yes to doing better once you know better! And rubbing out knots (all the time!), and folding laundry. You can add "changing diapers" to my list hahah

  14. If you haven't already tried cerave, it is relatively cheap and super thick!

    I'm constantly applying lip balm, wondering what 45 has tweeted, looking for something new to watch, thinking "I should write that in my journal" but rarely getting up to do so, and reminding myself to put my phone down and do anything else.

  15. hahaha, moisturizing -- yes! these days, especially. i feel like i'm always washing dishes (no dishwasher & making/eating a lot of meals at home lately). i feel like i'm always enraged whenever i see or hear anything about the current administration. i'm always thinking about blog material.

  16. This winter I feel like I'm always looking at the Weather Channel app and constantly rotating my between my jacket, my lightweight coat, and my parka.

  17. I am forever researching skin and hair care products, changing the toilet paper rolls, putting dishes in the dishwasher, telling Zoe to be careful, playing tea party and blowing my nose or Zoe's nose.

  18. Fishing things out of the very frothy back of Murphy's mouth. And shocking myself via static electricity whenever I touch something, probably exacerbated by the dog drool on my hand.

  19. LOL at finding pee... even after we said goodbye to Roxy we found a few more spots. And you reminded me how much we need a humidifier.

  20. driving, walking dogs, picking up stuff Ruby chewed to pieces, doing crazy shit for crazy old coots, forgetting why I'm in the kitchen, checking my schedule...

  21. Shocking myself every time I'm touching a light switch at home...slathering on moisturizer every time I was my hands at home...reaching for a lip balm; running the shower a few extra minutes to add humidity to my bedroom...wrapping a scarf around my neck...

  22. Swearing at the news, searching for things in my backpack, wearing sunglasses and ALL THE MOISTURIZER.

  23. Saying “this isn’t how it works”
    Matching socks
    Putting away dishes
    Moving cars into the driveway
    Anticipating a snow day
    Saying I need a news diet
    Reviewing spelling words

  24. Oh the joys of puppy-hood! Tiny pee puddles everywhere....How it trying to potty train lil Bruce in the winter with the snow outside? Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis


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