Friday, January 26, 2018

Petty annoyances

Today it was a toss up between a quick list of things I love and a quick list of things that annoy me. And here we are.

Don't get me wrong - I use the adjective petty in the title, but some of the below can really piss me off given the correct combination of lack of sleep/caffeine/food/general good spirits. Ask MFD. However in the grand scheme of life, eh. Infinitely survivable.

Petty annoyances. Let us begin. I'll go first.

-When memes or ecards are awesome but have spelling or grammatical errors. Come on. I can't share that.

-Hearing the phone conversations of others

-Dog owners who don't clean up after their dog on walks

-Forgetting to do something

-When the puppy absconds with the gloves out of my jacket pockets and I keep forgetting to find them and put them back in so I freeze my ass off on the train platform and carrying my iced coffee into work

-The 24 hour news cycle

-Tangled necklaces

-Needing to put gas in the car on the coldest day in weeks

-Excess packaging on something I buy

-Made up abbreviations like inspo for inspiration. Why are magazines doing this? Technically, it would be inspi - we don't abbreviate Instagram to Insto instead of Insta, do we? No. We do not.

-The people who are all I'm sick but then go out to eat and to various other public places because they are sick of being stuck in the house damnit, which really translates into "sick of keeping my germs to myself, now you can all touch what I touch and breathe my air and suffer and die too."

-Calling every garden variety cold or illness you can still function through the flu. That's not what the flu is.

-Inefficient use of time so that it becomes a problem for other people

-Explaining something more than once

-Adult zits. I paid my dues, acne.

-Shitty wifi

Now you.


  1. These all ring true . . . I also get majorly annoyed when I let someone cut in for traffic and they don't wave, people you can't properly use retractable dog leashes and folks that don't wash their hands when they leave a bathroom. Gross.

  2. No good movies playing at the time I want to go to the movies.
    The fact that it only has to be 20 degrees for outside recess! It’s cold people!!
    Having to ask “When would be a good time for me to go to lunch?”
    Going one week to long in the haircut cycle
    Wet socks

  3. When my clothes don't look how I expected them to in the morning and I have to waste time looking for another outfit and them I'm late.
    Also, when I get behind a slow driver on my way to work.

  4. They all sound good to me!! #1 in my book is people who don’t clean up afer their pet. I will walk three miles with a bag of poop in my hand, So, not cleaning up after your dog because you went around the corner where there’s no house is not an excuse. Might I add, people who let their pet crap in the road or on a sidewalk without getting it up. You people should not be allowed to own a pet. Rant over. Thank you very much! Happy Friday!

  5. Adult acne... it's the worst! And yes to all people who call a bad cold the flu. If it was the flu, you'd be bed stricken. Colds can be miserable, but they're functionable. Happy Friday <3

  6. Short list is: bad/weak coffee, slow drivers in the left lane, being behind someone who's afraid to merge, and people who can't keep it real on social media - are they trying to convince us or themselves?

  7. When someone posts something online that I want to buy but I have to like to know it (I refuse), when I'm cooking fresh meat ON the "sell by" date and it already smells questionable (happened last night, still bitter, had to toss it), and that it's socially acceptable for adult women to wear overalls. This was fun.

  8. Memes with grammar errors make me insane. I belong to a FB group and one woman was asking for feedback on a print she wants to sell. I (of course) pointed out the mistakes and she told me that grammar isn't important in graphic design. My head almost exploded.

    Petty annoyance: when coats are hanging the wrong way coat rack (like at the gym, there's always one lady who hangs her coat up the opposite direction of everyone else)

  9. The memes and the last three. Also the sickness one - i took 4 days sick leave last week because I didnt want to spread whatever monster I had.

  10. When you actually have the flu (tested positive at doc's office) and people assume it was just a cold b/c have abused the word flu. NO, I was bed ridden and praying for death. Also, adult acne...stupid hormones. My number #1 petty gripe is people who stop to chat or check their phones in the doorway, WHY???

  11. "Needing to put gas in the car on the coldest day in weeks" WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?
    Also, when I forget something I get SO pissed.
    God. Acne. I can't even.

  12. Don't get me started on people who are sick & give no cares on sharing their germs. Those people deserve a punch in the gut on repeat.

    Tangled necklaces... Just shows my brain functions on Disney because I was like, tangled? As in repunzel? Haha

  13. Ecards that have errors make me so mad!! I want to share them so badly, but I just can't!! All about the excessive packaging, too. I think Amazon is trying to mess with me sometimes.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. I am really sick of sick people going out and spreading their nastiness around. It has kept us from doing stuff the last two weeks because I dont want to die from the flu or see my kid suffer through it either. People suck!!!! And acne can seriously fuck off at anytime now. Why am I 34 and still using acne cleanser on the daily????

  15. UGHHHHHHHHHH -- no one should have to get zits past 30. THAT SHOULD BE A RULE. Also, adding wind to the list. I hate it. I walk out of the house and 50mph gusts not only are painful when it's cold, but blow my dang around making me look psychotic. Oh, and if you're sick? You're an asshole if you keep coming into the office.

  16. OMG yes to the flu thing!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 100% a fan of flu shots etc, but NOT EVERYTHING IS A FLU! Sometimes it is just a normal cold.

  17. TANGLED NECKLACES! UGh they are the bain of my existence. Dog owners that don't pick up after them are a close second. In related areas, I try to produce the least amount of garbage I can and usually to not have to take out my trash both times a week. But of course I do because someone randomly puts a bag of dog poo or their fast food trash in there and I am not fishing it out. I have a zit currently. I am almost 40 and was on accutane, twice. Why?

  18. Liking something on social media should be enough. Don’t ask people to type Yes. The dog poop non pick up. Ugh. Richie walks our dogs at the school and people leave big piles of their dog’s poop all over. Ugh. Just pick it up.

  19. Havng to maneuver through a busy parking lot and weave my way through and around 396 other cars fighting for seven parking spaces.

    Failing to use turn signals.

    Lipstick that wears off within an hout.

    People who come out of the gate defensive and mean. Calm your tits already, I just asked a question.

  20. Seriously, why is it 'inspo'? Definitely one abbreviation I will never use. Dog owners who don't clean up is not petty, I'm in murderous rage mode over that (literal) shit.

    1. This, actually. Particularly when they do it on my front walk and not in the grass. At least do it where someone doesn't walk... OR PICK IT UP.

      I feel like all my petty annoyances are massive ones.

  21. Spelling and grammatical errors (typos notwithstanding) drive me up a wall. When I discover that I have made one I shrink in humiliation.

    Adult zits - I am a senior citizen, for God's sake!!!!!

    Styrofoam ANYWHERE!
    I don't pump my gas... live in Jersey and worked here for many years before I moved here.
    When every headache is a migraine, jeez!

    open mouth chewing and lip smacking

    text shortcuts... is it so difficult to type 'you', must it be 'u'? It's not such a long word.

  22. Sick people stay home! The flu and fever are already rampant this year, why make it worse?! Adult acne needs to stay away too! Why make another appearance at this time in our life. Ugh! lol Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  23. Yes, yes, and so much more yes. My biggest grievance as of late is when I had a member come through the drive through with shingles. After I had handled her information and money, she lets me know that she is highly contagious right now. To which I respond, "uh oh, I'm sorry" and she says "yeah, I have shingles so I don't want to come inside". Which, I appreciate her not coming inside. However, I do not appreciate her leaving her house. Stay home! If you are freaking contagious, stay home.

  24. Haha so many of these are true for me as well. I especially hate the memes with spelling/grammatical errors. It's like, "Seriously? This made me laugh my ass off, but no one else can partake in the humor because I refuse to post something with such a glaring error on my blog/Instagram/Pinterest/whatever."

    One of my petty (or probably not so petty, actually) annoyances is public smoking. I mean, I get that cigarettes are addictive and everything, but those of us who do not smoke are not into inhaling someone else's cigarette smoke and/or smelling like cigarette smoke because we got caught behind/next to someone smoking for an extended period of time. This is something that Eric and I rage about all the time. Maybe we're assholes, but it's just so irritating (not to mention unhealthy).

  25. Needing gas on the coldest day of the week - YEP every week. Andddd I’m 38 and still gets zits. WTH


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