Friday, January 5, 2018

Do you want to build a snowman? NO.

Unless you're Bruce Springsteen. Then the answer is yes. This dog cannot get enough of the snow. It's nice to have another snow loving dog like my Geege was.

Yesterday I worked from home due to the weird weather. I love working from home because no commute gives me at least two additional hours and I can spend my lunch time getting my shit in order.

Scenes from the snow day:
Snoozy dogs, clean sheets, a man who waits for low temps and high winds to put the glass front door in, los perros waiting for ham handouts from MFD's split pea soup, Gris, my dinner.
After iced coffee, peppermint tea. Candles all day, Mae will not be persuaded to go outside, snoozy Bruce after running and playing in the snow many many many times, and tarted up my nails (Essie Cashmere Bathrobe and Sally Insta-Dri Set Sail topped with Sally Insta-Dri Grape Shifter).

And I ate. Everything. What is it about snow that makes me hungry?

I purchased The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day thanks to Rachael's recommendation and pre-ordered Fire and Fury: Inside the trump White House - not my type of book but it will go up his ass so, yes. Sold.

I kept my eye on any number of groups and accounts on Facebook for photos of the shore every time I got an emergency alert from the city. Ocean City got fucking hammered. We will not go down this weekend because they're still trying to clean up the streets and we don't need to be in the way. We'll go down and check it out next weekend.

Today it's the big ass freeze. I hope you're staying inside. I might not leave the house until Monday. It's not fit for man or beast out there.

Happy happy birthday to my father-in-law today!

Have a good weekend my friends!


  1. I hope that you stay warm & that everything is alright at the shore house! Love that Griswold hat & your nail colors. Nash loved the snow the first week or so we were back in Minnesota but by the end he was like "fuck this it has lost it's charm!"

  2. Another “snow day” for me but I offered to tutor/nanny for a few hours if they needed me. Reviewing spelling words and being a playmate for an 8 yr old for a few hours absolutely! Otherwise I’ll just stay home and
    maybe make brownies I’ll try to stay away from the news but I’m drawn to the reality tv that has become our lives.

  3. That pic of Bruce is great! LOVE IT! Hope all is well with your place at the shore. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Stay warm!

  4. Bruce...,I love you.
    I want to get the book too just to peeve him off. I'm sure you saw it sold out in minutes at bookstores. Haha

  5. Hoping for good news for the shore house and you don't find your own mess to clean up. I can't get over the fact that we're having a winter weather event that no one has heard of, lol. It's just been damn cold here, and all I know is that I need to get some real clothes before I come to Philly. LOL... Bruce is so cute. He is the best part of all the dogs, including Geege, in puppy form.

  6. I find it extremely sad that I’ve had to wear my down coat every day to the Disney parks this week. I’m over the cold but at least we’re getting more daylight every day! Oh and at home it’s 9 degrees so that’s a positive for me. Here it’s a cold 50. Happy weekend!!

  7. I also want to read Fire and Fury purely because it is gonna make that orange man so mad that Wolff makes a ton of money off the book.

  8. Worked from home yesterday as well and got so much DONE!! Have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. My dogs love the cold and snow ... until they have to walk in it. They refuse to go out into the yard and the deck literally becomes a poop deck. I want to buy Fire and Fury, even if it goes against my no-spend month. I'm willing to break my ban ... for the cause.

  10. Oh man... Sending good vibe to your shore house & Ocean City.
    Bruce is like Lylee. She wanted out this morning and spent 10 minutes out there. By the end she was holding up each foot as she could b/c they were so cold but she would NOT come in. I had to go drag her in.
    I went home an hour and a half early yesterday and ate EVERYTHING. The left overs, some hummus, lunch meat. WTF.

  11. I swear Bruce's little face makes me so happy. Loves it. It's bitter cold here but no snow which personally is a bummer because if it is going to be so damn cold I wish we had something pretty to look at....but at least no ice so that is something.

    Love the nail color! So pretty!

  12. Bruce is definitely experiencing some winter joy! Meanwhile, it looks like you're settled in for these hunker down days. I'm thankful for the work from home option during days like these - Wednesday when I left the office I picked up a few foodstuffs at Costco and came home thinking that I was all set to not emerge until Monday, if need be. Based on USPS delivery notices, I think tomorrow I may venture out to the mail "room" in the complex to pick up 4 packages arriving (thankfully they won't be impacted by being out in the semi-enclosed mail stop).

  13. I'm totally with you on days like that, I hunker down and don't leave for anything. Love the nail polish colors!

  14. When it’s cold out all I want to do is cuddle up under a blanket and read or sleep. Hopefully y’all are staying warm, especially since Bruce wants to go outside to play so much!

  15. Snow days don't have much for us to do except eat anyway.

    At least a dog of yours likes snow...ours love it, but they hated the east coast cold last week.

  16. Gatsby LOVES the snow and Lyla is like, hell to the no!
    it's so funny to see their differing views on it when we're outside.

  17. ohmygod please frame that pic of bruce, it is amazing! this snow? OVER IT.

  18. we've been in a deep freeze as well (as in there are BLOCKS OF ICE FORMED ON OUR WINDOWS) but now that it's starting to warm up, it's thawing and now my windows are leaking! so now i have to go around with towels soaking up the water #rage.


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