Friday, January 19, 2018

Uncelebrated successes

I'm not talking about the big promotion or the big race or the big win - I'm talking about the small fry stuff - the unsung hero happenings that build a good day.  

For me:

Seeing three dryer balls in the dryer, which means no rogue wool ball is hiding in a sleeve or pant leg

Getting Gus outside before he walks and poops excitedly throughout the house

A night in my living room without Game of Thrones 

Going into a store or to a website to purchase a specific item and finding out it’s on sale 

Changing the sheets without having to shoo a dog or three off the bed

Sailing through every light because they’re all coming up green

Stepping onto the train 10 seconds before the doors close

Making the right call on the beach when it starts to rain - to stay thinking it will be a quickly passing shower or leave thinking it will be a downpour and have those things happen

Finding a new pizza place close to home

A big chore taking less time than I thought it would 

Plucking a book off the shelf without reading anything about it and loving the hell out of it

No unmatched socks after laundry is put away

Trying a new product and loving it

Using all the fresh food before it starts to turn with no waste

Happy Friday! What are your quiet fist pump moments?


  1. These types of things are why G & I started the one good thing a day sheet this year!! xo,Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Finding a coupon in an app for said item that is on sale (Target Cartwheel).

  3. Getting to work before the other coffee-maker and being able to make the first pot my strength (strong) vs. her strength (see-through sad brown water).

  4. Unmatched socks are the bane of my existence currently. Four people four different size socks and kids that take their socks off immediately when they get home and end up EVERYWHERE. Good times. Also although my commute is 2.5 miles there are 7 stop lights in that commute so all green lights is an AMAZING thing. Happy Friday!!!

  5. Oooh, love this post idea so much. I would have to say my cat sleeping until at least 6 a.m. on a weekend and making a new dinner recipe that doesn't suck.

  6. Love this. Little things mean a lot. I am always thanking the universe for stuff. Like dry roads when you chickens especially are traveling and whenever safe travels happen. Grateful to infinity and beyond ❣️❣️ Grateful in advance and thanks to the universe for an awesome and happy weekend for all 💖✨😇🦄🕊🍀💙🌟❣️
    Love. Your. Momma.

  7. Those pug hats are the biggest success I've ever seen in my entire life.

  8. Having all the lights go green for your commute is the best! That happened to me the other day and I got home SO MUCH faster! Ella still screeched in the car and I was like "Girlfriend, we are getting home 5-10 minutes faster than we normally do!!" haha. And yes to a GOOD pizza place near home. All of our favorites always involve suffering through rush hour traffic. There are other places but they just arent as good.

  9. Going into a store or to a website to purchase a specific item and finding out it’s on sale - NEVER EVER happens for me. Dog food is on sale every single week my dogs don't need any. Lol
    Hell yes to green lights and matched socks!! (I wrote cocks as a typo and almost left it.)

    Yay, Bruce!! Enjoy Camp Bow Wow!

  10. A sea of green lights always makes my day. And because I"m weirdly superstitious, I also wonder what else the Universe is giving me a green light to do. :D Surprise sales on things I need, like cat food. Extra bonus points if the cat food is not on the top shelf. Being able to make one more pot of coffee when I didn't think there was enough grounds left. A marathon of favorite TV shows or movies and nothing better to do than grab a blanket, cup of coffee and a fat cat and veg out.

  11. bruce's first day at camp!! omg, my heart is melting right now at that pic!

  12. The sale thing makes me do a jig of glee.

    Speaking of stores, being able to buy everything on my list in one place is a big success.

    Making it through a child's birthday party without wanting to punch anyone.

    Using a crockpot and not having to start dinner 30 minutes before everyone demands food.

    Getting all green lights on my FitBit for two days in a row.

  13. For me, I love when I pull the exact amount of paper clips for the same amount of paper. Score,

  14. coming home to the absence of pooposity from Ruby, having the top and bottom of the dishwasher get full at the same time, having all the recyclables fit into the can, getting the rare treat of seeing the dastardly squirrel fall flat on his face from the bird feeder... all successes for me!

  15. Yes yes yes! Nothing irritates me more than hitting every damn light, or finding an extra sock or three with no partners in the dryer. And I love when something rings up at the register for less than I thought it was going to be!

  16. The simple joys in life! Getting all the green lights and finding a good deal on a product you were already going to purchase are the best. The pups look super cute in their head gear! Enjoy the weekend!

  17. Yes to sales! I use a plug-in on Google Chrome (Cently) and I LOVE when I go to buy something and also realize I'm getting money off. SWEET. I'm also super proud when I manage to get out of bed early enough on weekdays that I can get ready (without rushing), clean up after myself and walk out, leaving myself enough time to drive (NOT like a maniac) to the train leisurely and stress-free. Doesn't happen often.

  18. The Three Dryer Ball struggle is real.

  19. Oh the days that we have no dog pees or poops in the house. That's huge, but it's gotten a ton better as they have "grown up." The sale is even better! I just got a new Salt lamp on sale. So excited. It really is the little things. Happy Weekend!!

  20. Their hats haha. I'm with you on the eating all the food before it's wasted. We got a little lax with that lately but lean and mean again now. Winning!

  21. Exact change
    Matching socks
    Perfect shower temperature
    I know you’re not a big podcast person but finishing the perfect podcast as you drive into your driveway.

  22. Hi Steph! I am new to your blog and I love it! It is full of interesting stuff but I must admit I was grabbed by the pugs in headgear. You are totally right about the small triumphs - mine so far today have been - only forgot one thing on shopping visit, dog has only chewed and shredded on thing so far, the rain didn't soak through my hat and I emptied last week's shopping bag to find a week old pie in a box and was glad it wasn't an avocado or something smushy. On a more positive note - drinking your tea at the right temperature is always a winner (I am English, it is always going to be a huge deal) - rather than the usual make 5 cups at work and they al go cold before getting to drink them. Europafox x

  23. Oooh I can relate, making the bed without company interfering. Baxter is always up on he bed when I’m in there, so I usually make half, then pat the bed on the made side, the. Move over and do the other half. The things we do for our four legged friends. :)

  24. Oh, these were good! What a fun post idea . . . and we all need to celebrate the small victories!

  25. Late comment but OMG YES TO THE DRYER BALLS. I thought I was the only one. It's so good to know I am not alone.


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