Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday Thoughts - when I win your heart I'm gonna paint it cherry red

1. I was in the car last week when this song came on. I've been obsessed with it ever since after having forgotten it existed for the past 30 years. Then I watched the video and became even more obsessed. It is terrible and marvelous in its terribleness. Oh, 80s. What a time to be alive.

2. This is what happens when your car is parked on the street during snow and ice events that are salted, continually pelted by passerby castoff grime.

3. I need to go to Target tonight, and since I'm going after a meeting, MFD is going to be with me. There's too much co-shopping going on recently for my liking. I like to be in and out like a cart pushing ninja and he is the middle of the aisle dawdler.

4. This week in dog town, I am awaiting a new $60 orthopedic bed for Gus that he will surely turn his nose up at, and Bruce is getting his booster shot today so he can start going to Camp Bow Wow once a week to play. Mae continues to attempt to rule with a judgmental fist.

5. Things I do not recommend: this Sweater from Target - loved the color online, not so much in person; Dermalogica Ultra Calming CleanserSkin Smoothing Lotion, and (not pictured) the exfoliant - Pay one million dollars to have my face look like it was rubbed with sandpaper and decorated in hives? No thank you; and Toms Ella Bootie - I got them in black cherry (no longer avail) for the color, but they are way too narrow for my feet. There are a bunch of Philosophy products that are about to go back too. I feel like I am treating drugstore skin with cadillac products, but I have Korres and Lush to cycle through before I slink back to the dingy aisles of Rite-Aid.

6. I'm sorry, I can't. All of his insanity about the anthem and he does not know the words and can't stand still for it? Stop it right fucking now. Speaking of not understanding, if you need help decoding the transcripts of the Fusion interview Feinstein released, check out this Twitter thread.

But what do I know. He's the stable genius, after all.

7. I know many of us are looking for someone to pull us the fuck out of this mess, and people are all Oprah 2020! but this is how I feel about her Golden Globes speech - it wasn't about her. It was about us. "This was a speech about how seeing someone else model the fight against racism, sexism, and injustice activates us to fight alongside." Yes, yes, and fuck yes. Please read that opinion piece.
8. Feministas: Check out this article about how to raise empowered women starting in middle school. I don't think it covers everything but we need to be talking about this earlier and not sending women out into the working world thinking they can be perfect and not knowing how to deal with setbacks and failure.We are still raising girls to please others too much to the detriment of themselves. I'd like to drop the girls are princesses who will be saved by men or who are entitled to a perfect life schtick also. Princesses have a place and it's in the imagination and playroom. Not in real life. And do you follow wearemarchon on Instagram? They are counting down the days to the Women's March next weekend and it is everything.
9. Reminder: Being satisfied with yourself is not stagnation.

10. E-card of the week:

Whatcha got?


  1. Replies
    1. That is my favorite quote that I have ever found on social media. It perfectly describes how I feel. Goddess speed and love to all❣️
      Love. Your. Sister.

  2. Love Thursday Thoughts. So much.
    Beavis and Butthead analogy spot on.
    Asking the universe for the best for all to happen. ASAP.
    Love. Your. Momma.

  3. I feel the exact same about's a billion dollars and felt like I was scratching my skin off.

  4. I need to read the empowering young girls starting in middle school thing. I have one girl... no joke, you're gonna die... when we asked all the girls what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, "Submissive"... that was her response. WHAT?!?!?!?!!?!?... her mom is now pregnant with her 12th child & this girl said that's all she wants to do & be - get married at 18 & be submissive to her husband. My other middle school girls are all like, "YOU GOTTA DO SOMETHING" ;) haha... at least they are on a mission to open this girls eyes too... maybe there's something in there that I can drop some quotes down on her -& all the other girls

  5. My freshman year of college I always parked along the street and once my roommate and I had to dig my car out with shovels because the plow buried it. It took us two hours. You couldn't even SEE the car when we started. And after it was dug out I saw the damn plow ripped my driver side mirror off -_-
    Beavis and Butthead are the perfect description of this president and his lackeys.

  6. I'm glad little girl role models have gone the way of Moana and Hermione. Hope the future.
    OMG that song, totally forgot that existed, damn. What a throwback.

  7. I strongly dislike shopping of any type with other people. I like being able to do my own thing. Whether that be in & out because I'm on a mission or just wander around because I'm bored. I hate waiting on people/making other people wait.

  8. Re: empowering girls starting in middle school. No. You start that shit when they're toddlers because even in elementary school the boys will try to pull crap over on them and they need to know how to handle it. True story: Erica consistently gets good grades. She's really fucking smart. But it gives me more satisfaction as a parent to know that when she's put in a group with all boys she holds her ground and, more often than not, she's the one who's in charge.

    That said, she gives good tips for raising empowered young ladies.

  9. I feel like if Mae were a person, she might be me. Except I love the cold. Haha. Your poor car. I remember how terrible our cars always looked when we lived in Pittsburgh. I find a lot of Philosophy products very underwhelming. And Dermalogica, I feel you! Chris used to use that stuff and now he is using my Murad Time Release Acne cleanser and not looking back. It is hard this time of year to trust any product, it all seems so drying.

  10. Beware MFD: I am the person who will totally ram my cart and/or making huffing and puffing noises at middle-of-the-aisle dwellers!
    Tom's shoes run SUPER small.

  11. I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw that he didn't know the words to the national anthem. The song he used as a dog whistle to racists. You know who knows the words to the anthem? Colin Kaepernick and every football player who kneels. I agree about Oprah. I believe she was lighting the fire and reminding us what a good leader looks like and sounds like. What I do hope, though, is that she will take a front and center role in supporting progressive candidates, which could make a huge impact at midterms and 2020. Dermalogica has never impressed me. Expensive with not much payoff. My skin has been rather dry and red lately and I just assumed it was age/cold, but it finally dawned on me last night that it's the damn chlorine from the pool drying out my skin. So now I gotta figure out how to protect my skin better. I love that Bruce will be going to Camp Bow Wow. I love that there is a business called Camp Bow Wow even more.

  12. I like the cardigan in the pic; bummer you didn't like it in person! (I hate when that happens) Shopping with men? NO. Unless it's a kind of shopping we both need (food shopping, getting a specific thing at a store) - I don't like sharing that with someone else. Trump continues to be a gross, leaky blister on this planet.

  13. What a fantastic quote, thanks for sharing. And I bought those booties too and one is too narrow with a certain kind of socks.

  14. Yes to the quote! Yes to the article (added to Pocket to read and absorb later)! Yes to the IG that I'm about to follow!

  15. Clearly he did not follow Eddie Izzard's advice on singing the national anthem!!

  16. I missed the Idiot in Chief not knowing the words to the national anthem...why oh why does this not surprise me?? This in addition to the comments yesterday...I always think "how can it get worse" and then the next day comes, and he just proves himself again and again to be THAT low and disgusting. UGHHHHHH.
    I'm gonna go read that opinion piece now--thanks for posting it!

  17. I've given up entirely on the co-shopping. If my husband wants to spend the whole weekend checking out the aisles at Aldi's, he can do it alone. lol. Interesting opinion piece on Oprah. I made the mistake of clicking on the link someone posted on Facebook and it was all about how the religious conservatives couldn't stand her speech and how we can't allow her (like King Solomon) to be president because she tells women that it's okay to not engage in marriage and because she says that it's okay to NOT have a baby. In the words of the ever delightful Shaun Harper - this too is racism (masquerading as a religious piece). As far as raising empowered young girls, I agree it has to start in middle school.... because that's where it falls off. By age 12, only one in ten girls believes that SHE HAS what it takes to be a leader. Part of this is why I'm a huge proponent of single-sex education... I know it's not the real world, but damn I am tired of girls opting out of leadership and/or STEM in middle school because we cater to boys... STILL. (So many opinions over her.)


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