Monday, September 1, 2014

Shit MFD Said Vol. 9 - Birthday Edition

In honor of today being MFD's birthday, a special holiday edition of Shit MFD Said.
 Happy birthday MFD! Happy Labor Day to the rest of you. Enjoy!

Just as I was about to take the cutest picture of Geege
MFD: Come on let's go potty! All dogs jump up
Me: Man! I was going to take a picture!
MFD: I'm sorry! I know you don't have any pictures of the dogs.

As I'm washing my face
MFD: Hey Steph, can you hold this? 
Me: What? 
MFD: Just hold this like you're going to hit someone while saying, "No more wire hangers EV-ER."
Me: Seriously?
MFD: Yes.
Me: If I do this, will you let me wash my face in peace?
MFD: Yes. While I post it on Facebook.

Removing earbuds from his ears on the beach
MFD: Steph...just like the white winged dove.
Me: Yeah? Sings a song sounds like she's singin...
MFD: That's why I need these things (pointing to earbuds)...I never realized what she was saying. 
Me: What did you think it was? 
MFD: Just like the way we were...for 30 years of my life I thought it was that!...puts earbuds back in, now yelling STEPH! GOOD ONE RIGHT?
Me:Shhh! Yes, yes, right.

While eating dinner, Mister Softee drives by, MFD throws his fork down
MFD: WHAT THE FUCK! He only goes slow when I'm eating. When I'm sitting here with money in my pocket waiting he flies by. The bastard is taunting me! Can he see in here? Is there a hidden camera?
Me: No. everyone else laughing
MFD: I don't believe you.

After I stop short at a red light, he glances in the back seat 
Me: Wait, are you checking on your new old Star Wars toys?
MFD: Yes. 
Me: So after there was that huge stoppage on the Expressway and I almost got in an accident, you were rooting in the back to check on your Millenium Falcon?
MFD: No! For the speeder bike. 
Me: The speed what? Never mind. Maybe you should hold it like a precious doll. 
MFD: Well it is precious. Fragile too.

Mister Softee! Stop!
Happy birthday, MFD.
Enjoy your ice cream.
Happy birthday, MFD. Here's to even more love, laughs, success, growth, and adventure in your 37th year.

Happy birthday also to my BFF Debbie, our little buddy Griffin, and two of the May brothers. Lots of good people celebrating today! And my friend Mark tomorrow, when I will not be blogging, so happy birthday eve Mark! All of you September 1-2 babies, enjoy your birthdays in good health.

Let's give something away to celebrate, shall we?

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  1. It's probably weird to say this but I love the way your husband's mind works!! Such entertaining posts every time you share these!!! I always laugh out loud! Happy birthday to your MFD!

  2. MFD is hilarious! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Bahahaha... almost peed a little at the Mister Softee story! He sounds EXACTLY like Pete re: me taking pics of the dogs!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!

  4. Shit MFD says is the best. I too believe Mister Softee has a camera in your house. Mister Softee sucks. Happy Birthday MFD.

  5. Mark is my baby
    He's 36 tomorrow
    I am really old

  6. Happy Birthday to MFD!! Hope you guys are having a grand time in Chicago!!

  7. i love the fact that you have a pic of you washing your face.

  8. haha did he post it on facebook? You have to tell!

  9. Mister Softee is an asshole. And the Millenium Falcon thing? It's like he channeled Scott.

    Hope he has a great birthday!

  10. that damn ice cream truck ALWAYS drives through our area during dinner time. the other day we had people over and the kids went nuts and started running around during dinner so i had to be the tiger mom bitch host and holler at them: YOU SIT DOWN AND EAT YOUR DINNER OR YOU WILL GET NOTHING!!

    MFD, i feel your frustration but in a different way. happy birthday to him.

    Vodka and Soda

  11. I love that I'm just sitting here cackling at the first story and my husband is just giving me crazy looks. I don't know why that one hit me as so hilarious but it did! Hope you're not getting rained on downtown!

  12. MFD is right, Mister Softee only drives by at bad times. Womp womp.

    Can't wait for tomorrow!!! <3 <3

  13. Haha. Now I want some Mister Softee.

    I hope he has a great birthday!

  14. You can never have too many dog pics! Mister Softee is totally mocking him!! Happy Birthday MFD!!

  15. ha this is amazing! and of course i also get mad when jarrod ruins a pug photo ha. happy brithday mfd!

  16. Okay so please tell MFD he isn't alone on that damn song. I have this habit of singing whatever is in my head as I do dishes and one night I start singing "just like the ONE-winged dove..." and Andrew was all "wtf?" and I'm like "yeah, those are the words" so he starts asking why the dove only has one wing and flapping one arm and turning in a circle "because a bird with one wing can only fly in a circle, Lauren" and I had to admit that I had never thought about the ridiculousness of why there would be a song about a poor bird with one wing. But I still sing it that way because that's what I hear, dammit! Happy birthday to MFD!

  17. Love our Mike Doyle! Glad you are having a splendid Chicago visit.
    I will be unable to comment from tomorrow thru Sunday. Why can't our phones accept comments, JMJ
    Safe and happy travels home!
    Love your MOMMA

  18. That picture his so funny!!!

    At least you never lack entertainment in your life.

  19. oh my god the picture of the dogs one made me laugh so hard. my husband does that to me all the time. happy birthday to him!
    also i had my first mr softee on the weekend - it is like our mr whippy i think - and it was AMAZING.

  20. Haha!!!! He's right about the dog pictures, ya know. ;)

    I always get angry if the ice cream man goes by and I am not ready and wanted some!

    Happy Birthday MFD!!!!!

  21. That's awesome!! Hope he had a fabulous birthday :) I LOVE birthdays and make a big deal about them. For mine, it's a huge gathering with friends and for my bf's we get away - he's not much of a "gathering" type of person. Especially on his bday :) Have a great one Steph! -Iva

  22. These are always so great. Happy Birthday MFD!!

  23. Man, Mister Softee doesn't even come to my neighborhood! It's a conspiracy! Haha, happy birthday to MFD!

  24. Yay September birthdays! I never cease to be amused by incorrect song lyrics.

  25. The ice cream trucks know how to tease. Happy Birthday MFD!

  26. LOLOL at the Mommy Dearest pic! You are a good sport!


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