Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shit MFD Said Vol. 10

On the boardwalk
Store clerk: Did you just get your hair cut? 
MFD: Me? No. 
Store clerk: It's perfect. 
MFD: Thanks man. I used to have horrible hair in high school. 
Store Clerk: Now...
MFD: Now I don't leave the house unless my hair is perfect.
Store Clerk: And it is. It is. 

On a lazy, rainy Saturday
MFD: What do you want to do for dinner?
Me: Well, I have a bunch of stuff to make but I don't feel like making anything. 
MFD: Chinese food you said?
Me: I think that's what I said.

At The Second City
MFD: That guy did not wash his hands after he went to the bathroom! Contaminating disease spreader. Fecal fucker!

Examining a popover at his birthday dinner
MFD: It's like a soufflĂ© type roll. 
Me: It's empty inside. 
MFD: Like your soul. 
Laughter from the table behind us

MFD: What are you watching?
Me: Dawson's Creek.
MFD: Is this a movie or a TV show?
Me: Are you kidding me?

As The Big Chill comes on
MFD: This is our life now.
Me: What?
MFD: This. We all went from St. Elmo's Fire to The Big Chill in what feels like minutes. 

Discussing types of cakes
MFD:  I like fluffier cakes. Not dense like I'm eating a packed turd. You know? 
Me: I guess...?

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  1. Oh my goodness -
    1) the chinese food one - I've had that conversation
    2) the laughter from the table behind you - HYSTERICAL
    3) And how does he not know about Dawson's Creek? Weirdo ;)

  2. Always a fun post to read! I can't decide which quote I liked best this time; thinking the Chinese food one, lol.

  3. bahaha perfect hair?! that's hilarious. now i feel the urge to watch the big chill.

  4. is this a movie or tv show? WTF. lol and oh my gosh I wish my husband would suggest chinese food when i dont feel like cooking lol

  5. LOL at dead panning the clerk on the hair cut... and your empty soul!!

  6. hahahaha his quips are hilarious. i laughed at your "empty soul" LOLOLOLOL

    Vodka and Soda

  7. HAHAHAAHAHAH!!!! These are great.....empty soul, oh my goodness!

  8. LOL! Our Mike Doyle. Quick wit and humor makes for a fun, happy relationship. May you always make each other laugh!! #favoriteblogtopic
    Goddess speed to have a productive, easy, happy day!

  9. Ick! That last one. Not what I want to think about when describing cake consistency. And the conversation with the clerk sounds like something from a sitcom!

  10. Gotta say, I loved his head full of wild curls...

  11. Chinese food is always the answer!

  12. Haha I love the interaction between him & the store clerk.

  13. OMG!!! I love these posts and him!! I swear your life must be a comedy show 24/7. Fecal F**KER? WHAT???? least he loves his hair! Ha!

  14. He seriously cracks me up. I love reading these and I like how he got Chinese food on the menu for dinner.

  15. Hahahaha.... empty inside, like your soul... that's the best. It's true love when you can say things like that to each other.

  16. Lazy rainy Sundays always call for Chinese food! Or pizza. Or anything, as long as I don't have to cook!
    (I am loving this new trend of guys being so obsessed with their hair. New little trendy hipster barber shops keep popping up all over town and it's just cracking me up. The latest one is in an old drive-through coffee kiosk. Drive through for your hair gel emergency?

  17. Hello! The second city one cracks me up, I will point out a person that didn't wash their hands in the bathroom in a hot second. Cant stand that mess

  18. I love these. My husband is pretty good about suggesting take out when I don't feel like cooking, too. So nice!

    WHY do men always bring POOP into things!? Isaiah does the exact same thing...we can be having a normal conversation and suddenly poop is involved. Some things never change I guess...

  19. I need to learn to read these after I get out of work so I'm not laughing out loud at my desk. "Fecal fucker" and "like your soul"... I'm cracking up!

  20. Hahaha! LIKE YOUR SOUL and like a packed turd are my faves of this edition!!!

  21. I like the Chinese food comment. And now I want some Chinese food.

    Dawson's Creek. Ha. I own some seasons on DVD so if I put it in, Tom's all, "Why is everyone always upset?"

  22. wow....this had me guffawing, so hard, my co-workers think I've lost my mind.

  23. Empty like your soul?!?!?! AHhahahahahahaha that sounds like something I have said!

    Also, the packed turd thing...I understand what he is saying and agree!

    We always go for Chinese when I dont feel like cooking or we didn't make it to the store.

  24. I don't even know which one I like best. I'd think, that's f-in hilarious. Then I'd read the next one! MFD is one funny MF.

  25. That picture with the teapot is perfection. Packed turds and empty souls for the win.

  26. "Fecal fucker!" BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! I'm dying!!! Literally laughed so hard a booger flew out of my nose!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Dawson's Creek is in my Netflix queue! :)

  27. What the hell Bloglovin, hiding my favorite posts. I haven't met him ...yet but I kinda love MFD. Seriously the things out of this mouth are hilarious. The fecal F'er and the soul one, I die. I like where his head was at with the Chinese Food. ;)

  28. I just really laughed out loud about the "like your soul" line!!! All of them are funny....well except the cake one...all cake is good (no comparing cake to that-NO) :)

  29. These were so awesome I had to read them to my office-mate so he could understand my cackles. He even appreciated them.

    Mr. Mystery and I are always razzing each other, so "like your soul" sounds like something we'd say to each other.

  30. lmfao re:the fold over comment! He's one funny man :)

  31. So should we be worried about your empty soul?

    J is always worried about his hair too- what is up with these guys?

  32. Kudos to his movie references, and it felt the exact same way for me.

  33. Hahaha! How does he not know Dawson's Creek?!!?! And "empty soul" comment.... pretty good. Does it bother you that you now know people were eavesdropping?

  34. "Empty like your soul" We say stuff like that to each other. Other people probably think we're crazy.

    A clerk asked him if he just got his hair cut? Good to know MFD can keep a random conversation going. Useful skill.


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