Friday, December 31, 2021

Talk a little while about the year, by which I mean actually do not talk much about it

The title comes from A Long December by the Counting Crows, of course. I will actually not be talking much about the year itself because I don't have the space to at the moment and frankly, it's not required of any of us so I'll be going gently into the next. I'm worn down, my dog died this week, and I have spent the rest of the week in an intentional drift mode that I need. Every year has good and bad, and this one was no different. I'm going to share a least favorite run on sentence thing and then a list of favorite things to remind myself and in case you want to try any of them out in 2022.

Least favorite thing
In many ways it feels like we’re stuck on a 2020 spin cycle, back to blurred work/life boundaries, government stuck in neutral on things that could really help people, most of us living in two distinctly different worlds surrounding an ongoing global pandemic and late stage capitalism resembling Squid Games/Hunger Games, and I now live in a world without Gus. 

Favorite things - some happened this year, some I found this year, some I've been using for years but wanted to include. If the link goes to amazon it is affiliate. If you do not purchase from Amazon I am sure it is available elsewhere. 

Reconfiguring small spaces in our shore apartment and Philly kitchen and larger spaces in the basement in Philly, moving two beds into one bedroom and and turning the then unused spare bedroom into a fully functional and set up home office. I have the same amount of space everywhere but more useable space almost everywhere

Wallpapering my closet with peel & stick (this one). MFD did the small bathroom at the shore with a tile version of peel and stick and grout and I'm super happy with it. 

Sunsets. I was Team Sunrise forever and I mean of course I still am but sunset is a nice way to put the day to rest and I made it a point to do that a lot this year

Mixing three types of Johnson’s popcorn. Barry's Tea. Hot chocolate icing from Cake Life Bakery in Philly. Frozen mixed berries from Aldi. Dried mango from Aldi. 

The integration of Billy Hicks. His unknown to me arrival still stresses me out a little LOL. Also Litter Genie

Dogs crowding onto an electric blanket

A solid rental season at the shore 

Rooting for good things for my friends and fam. Love is good and important, but really rooting for people is where it's at.

Some new windows and all new exterior doors at the shore, and then painting my shore doors 

Peloton stretching, daily walks

Mare of East Town, Ted Lasso, Yellowstone, select Hallmark Christmas movies (first time watcher in 2021) 

Seaglass, whelk shells, empty winter beaches

Vaccines. Boosters. 


Etsy shops: Islann Co (hair ties), TWSS Quote Shop (mug, tee, graphic design work)

Paula's Choice Omega+ Complex Cleansing Balm (to remove sunscreen after multiple reapplications on a beach day)

Vintage glass taper candleholders. Thrift stores. Small shops in little towns. Contrarily, HomeGoods. 

Target curbside pickup, Shipt

Knowing I never have to go back to my office in person unless I want to

A few trips into the city, being more conscious of slowing down, allowing myself to rest instead of do, letting people and things go, using my energy wisely, more eating out, other people's coffee, the return of a lot of things even if they were modified or different

Girls weekend at the shore, an impromptu night with Kim and Melissa and their girls at Melissa’s, a December day in Fishtown, a quick September weekend visiting Kim and Libby and Steve, running around Southern Vermont, family shore time throughout the year especially with my niece and nephew (hope to not push more sand wheelchairs again any time soon), driveway parties, my brother Sean and Nicole's engagement party, my Dad and Carol staying with us, Friendsgiving at the shore, a visit from Meem in January, July 4 weekend at the lake with Lori & many things I am not bringing to mind immediately...basically all the times I got to spend with people I love

Those of you who have been here for a while know I like to end the year by giving to (usually two) organizations that are not on my monthly donation list. Some years I don't have a lot to give and some I do, but the intention is always the same: help others while asking for or receiving nothing in return. It's a good way to leave the year and if you like that idea, I hope you'll do the same. 

I hope regardless of any personal, professional, or societal losses or challenges that may have made your year heavy, that you too have a list of favorites large and small to leave this year with. If you are so inclined, share a few with me below! 

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