Monday, December 20, 2021

TWTW - the one before Christmas

Friday It was like 62 degrees on Friday. Amazing. I picked up some Johnson's popcorn gifts and a Bungalow Bowl and worked the morning at the shore, driving back to Philly at lunch to close out the work day. I ran over to see my nephew for his fourth birthday at night. 

Saturday I was at HomeGoods before 8 am in the clothes I wore the day before. My Christmas pipe dream is extended hours at HomeGoods all the time. I got a shit ton of pantry organizers, did the organizing, and packed up the rest to return. I dropped stuff off at the Pack & Ship and picked up food for Mae. I painted my nails ( OPI I'm Really an Actress). I had my first appointment in Kristi & Maria's new salon, Salon Harmony in Langhorne. I love it and am thrilled for them. Such a relaxed, nice hair experience and of course always love catching up with my long long time friend (and long time hair stylist) Kristi and Maria. After that I returned the unused organizers to Marshalls and had family Christmas at Mom & Rich's. It was a nice relaxed evening and I brought home my cookies!
Sunday I was at Giant early, made veggie soup and macaroni salad and prepped fruit and veggies and dips. Carol made spinach dip. I picked up a lunchmeat tray in the afternoon. MFD's fam came over for dinner and it was another relaxing nice visit situation. Good to see everyone, and the dogs loved all the laps to sit on. I put my phone down the first time I got up then never picked it up again until everyone was out except Mark and Sarah. Ben did not mind the extra solo attention. We were cleaned up and laying down by 9. 

Here we are in Christmas week.

I am allegedly off until January 3 after today, but I have external deadlines that will need to be met over the break so I'll work on those as needed and nothing else. I'm sour about it but there's nothing we can do.

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