Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday Five: Leaning into December

Happy Friday friends! I know most of you love this month because Chrrisssstmaaaas. I hope it is everything you want and more.

If you have been around for a while, you know I do not fall under the Love All Christmas Shit banner. I lean into the Christmas stuff I do like - Christmas music a few days before Christmas, Christmas lights and sparkly things and mugs (I'll be sharing every Friday on the gram) and ceramic trees, a select few holiday movies (and this year, some Hallmark Christmas movies with Carol), Secret Santa'ing for kids, but it's not my favorite and that's fine. 

I know I'm not alone out here - some of you, like me, simply don't love it in a world that is gaga over it or want to celebrate a week of it and not a month plus - some of you associate it with something hard, or are missing someone or feeling something missing, you hate the commercialization of it, it stresses you the fuck out, you celebrate another holiday, you are struggling with health problems or money, you are finding it difficult to spark joy in this heavy world right now, or a combination of all of those things. If you identify with any of that, luckily December is good for other things as well! Some things I'm looking forward to this month:

1. Ending my year intentionally. Making my swim aerobics classes, scheduling my mammogram and skin check, reaching inbox zero in all inboxes, looking into a CPR course and the quick test now option to get certified, getting all of my shore contracts for next summer out, daily stretching. It's all happening and I'm putting this year in order and to bed gently.

2. Completing three tasks I have been putting off forever. Those three for me are reorganizing basement bookshelves, putting some stuff up on Poshmark to sell and donating some items, and linking my closet with the contact paper I've had for a blessed eternity.

3. Celebrating the solstice. I'm off this year, so I have even more time to get my altar assembled and plan a meal! It is the shortest day, which means more light is coming. Until it does, candles and string lights will do. A day to reflect, release, let go, and set intentions for the new season. To think about how to spend this winter to feed our souls. 

4. Festivus. Airing of the grievances on December 23? Tradition.

5. Rest. I'm off for a good chunk of time the week before Christmas into January. 

Every year on New Year's Eve I send the year off on a good note by donating to two causes that are not my standard go-tos. I invite you to join me in that this year! 

What are you looking forward to this month? 

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